Issue downloaing hand history

I contacted support because I can’t download this one tournament. I feel like I am talking to a robot. I keep getting told to try to downloads it in Chrome, which I can’t find. Then they say Sorry you are having issues downloading in Chrome please download the software, I never got a chance to try to download in Chrome, because there is no option for whole tournaments When I search hand history nothing shows up for that day. Or I get instructions to clear cache, which I know how to do. This is after I have said multiple times, I am trying to downloaded the hand history with the application installed. on multiple computers.

I can download ring games, other tournaments, just not his one hand history and now the past few responses are the same. Try downloading the software and downloads hand history there with a link on instructions.

Clearly I don’t need instructions is I say I can download ever other think, but this one tournament.

Please help!

Just to be on the same page, you’re not able to install the poker client and download the hand history from there?

Thank you for your fast response.
I can download and install the software. I just re-installed the client. When I click on download nothing happens. In the screenshot bellow you can see I can download the other tournments.

The outlined tournament is the one that you’re unable to download?

Yes that is correct. I have been trying since Monday on multiple computers.

Can you please provide the following information via PM ONLY:

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Mobile (yes/no):
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We’ll escalate for further review with the tech team.