Issues downloading hand histories for re-entry tournaments

We’ve received reports of players being unable to download their hand histories for re-entry tournaments.

The error message reported shows as “Connection to the server cannot be established at the moment please try again later".

Our Support Team is currently investigating the issue and as soon as we have an update, we’ll update this topic with more information.

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Hi Sam, any update?

Can you give us some work around for getting these HHs in the meantime? Maybe the Reps can e-mail us the Re-Entry HHs on request? Ty

a work around for now seems to be making sure you download the first hand history before the re-entry hand history is available for download.

Bust out of the tournament at 1pm - the HH should be available in 24 hours from then
Re-enter and bust again at 2p - the HH should be available in 24 hours from that time

If you DL the 1p HH before the 2p is available for DL you should be able to get em both. I was able to at least.

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Hey @Billy723, at the moment there’s no update I’m afraid, but our team is working on it.

Although, we’ve had reports of @UsetheSchwartz’s suggestion working, so it may be worth trying that out in the meantime.

Thanks for the reply. I tried getting one Sunday night where I put up 3 bullets, but couldn’t get the first 2 HHs to download to get the 3rd one. I did check 24hrs after I busted both the first & second bullet and it didn’t allow me to download HHs. Looks like they showed up an hour later, but it was too late as they showed up together and I couldn’t download either of them.

Any other way to get these HHs? Can I e-mail the Reps and have them download & e-mail me? I place 2nd in this one and want to view the whole tournament with my opp face cards up.

Thanks again

Sorry to hear that @UsetheSchwartz’s suggestion didn’t work out for you.

We’re not able to send over a copy of your hand histories, if we could, I would arrange this for you.

I understand that it’s a bit of frustrating situation, but we’re working on getting it sorted as soon as possible.

Keep checking back here, as I’ll update this Topic as soon as I’ve got an update.

Hi! First time caller here. I’m trying to download my hand history where I placed 2nd in the $1k unlimited turbo. Problem is, I reentered this tournament. Everytime I’ve tried to download a hand history that I reentered in, it would give me the error “connection to the server cannot be established at the moment.” This has been a problem with all the tournaments I busted and reentered. Is there a way that customer service could send us our reentry hand histories? Thanks!

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Welcome @P_Jack :slight_smile:

I can see that @Matt sent you over a PM about this, but just in case you haven’t had chance to see it yet, there is an ongoing issue regarding hand histories for re-entry tournaments and this topic will be updated once we have more information.

In the meantime, we’re not able to send over a copy of your hand histories but I recommend keeping an eye out here for any updates.

Any update on getting this fixed? I would like to be able to review the MTTs I reentry with hold cards face up. The fact that this is taking months to resolve is quite unacceptable. How do we escalate this issue to help get it fixed? Thanks

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Hi @Billy723,

I can assure you that we are still aware of this issue, and working on fixing it. However, at the moment there has still been no update on when this issue will be corrected.

We certainly apologize for the length of this problem, and will as mentioned provide updates here as they arrive.

Perhaps have rebuy instead of reentry, then hands are still held to the player name. When we reenter, the player name is changed, causing a problem with the software.

So how long will HHs be available? If this takes another two months before the issue is solved, will we still be able to download the HHs when the problem is fixed?

Hi @khdmb9 and welcome to the forum.

Ultimately we can’t guarantee anything until the hand history issue is resolved but If anything does change in terms of the timeframe, we will be sure to update this thread.

Actually, this is where I should have posted. Are we working on fixing these things?

@Matt @Sam, are you folks really trying to fix this? I mean, the re entry not able to download hand histories? Is that still ongoing?

Hey @FutureInsights,

Just so you know, I’ve moved your other post here as it was associated with this topic.

We’re working on having this resolved and it is currently ‘In Backlog’. Once we have a further update, we will let you know all through here.


This issue was addressed in our latest update, and you can see full details of the update posted here.

We will now be moving this topic to ‘Delivered’.