Issues with Browser Poker or Casino

When I open Browser Poker I can open 2 windows and if I open a 3rd it skips really fast and sits me out. The same things happens when I open a Slot or any other game. The Game Skips. . . This is very frustrating. I have followed the full procedure from technical support on clearing my browser and trying an incognito browser yet this issue persists after nearly a month. I was curious if anyone has this issue aside me and if there is anything that can be done about it? Thanks

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P.S. This happens with more than 1 instance gets worse with more instances of Poker or Casino or Games open.

Would you happen to have anything else running in the background too?

It depends on how you play. Ignition will tell you to go clear your cookies and cache. Don’t bother listening to their cookie cutter. We don’t live in y2k yesr 2000.

The issue has to do with their integration between their multiple systems, not your computer. The best way to patch your issue is to play on your computer for multiple games.

You can have up to 4 tabs for poker, however browser will crash. If you want to play multiple poker games, best thing to do is to download the poker client for poker.

If you want to play casino games at the same time, play it on a browser.

Keep poker and casino seperate by using the poker client and browser. Poker client opens up multiple windows vs browser on a same window different tab. Its less demanding task on your computer since it will utilize the cpu and ram vs just pure ram focus.

Hope that helps

No, I’m a computer technician and I restarted Windows, ended all tasks but my browser not needed to run Browser Poker or Casino, you can not play 1 more than Table through browser FYI the poster below Seoulja is correct. I haven’t successfully been able to run multiple instances in months. I could go to a refresh install machine and see if this would be different. I have a $130 Internet as well so I can game high FPS. So this really needs to be fixed on your end or your browser version is really dead. Unless you guys have a Tech Wizard on your end. Only thing I can do is try another Browser and pray it’s less demanding?

I figured by now which really kills multi-tabling outside of the Software Client which can handle more than 1 table. It’s not as streamlined in the Client as the browser version is optimized for multi-tabling poker or casino. While the App isn’t so user friendly in this aspect. It worked perfectly fine in April but since a lot of updates it doesn’t work at all. I have tried everything have said and everything I can do pretty much. So I doubt this is going to ever work unfortunately :confused:

Don’t think this will work till you’ve updated your software(and if you don’t believe me I’ll stream this on twitch for you to understand I have that capability and you can see for yourself what I’ve endured on your site) I love your Browser Version and it’s a huge allure but it’s quite painful to play since June.

P.S. This is very frustrating for people who enjoy playing the game say 4 Tables, when you put 4 tables Poker or Client and one prompts you for an action, it will automatically time you even in Client if you want Full Screen. It’s not quite enjoyable for us older gents to 4 screens up at the same time. Full Screen is only possible in Browser! Your software can’t full screen and deal with simultaneous actions like Raise, Spin Wheel when asked at the same time.

4 Tabling on the same screen unless you’re using a 70 Inch TV would be about the only answer :: shrugs :: Not quite as fun because when your table is in the backdrop, cascading or overlapping it cannot respond in client and while in browser it just skips/Fast Forwards/Drops. Try it out yourself and see what I mean you’ll get the drift. Very few people have a 80 Inch Monitor or 4 Monitors for simple Browser Poker Casino.

Would really like this solved as it worked fine in April, it worked fine in December when I joined but since around June it doesn’t work at all. Or you are lucky if you can run 2 Tables in Browser but get up around 4 and definitely you will get issues.

(This has caused me the utmost frustration) I put 50 into Casino while I played Poker and it went into a Loop and I made indefinite noise of spinning the reels and never actually doing anything!


I ran another test of the Browser, cleared the cookies, ran a fresh Incognito (ended all other resident programs running in the background) I ran 4 tables, sat me out of the 4th first, then I proceeded to close 3 out of 4 tables. It sat me out of the 1 table I was in ‘unless I was actually only in that table’. So it’s impossible to run more than 1 Table of Poker Casino on Ignition Poker for me. And I think this is likely an issue system wide?

@Bianca can you look into 51799430 & 51799299 clearly wasn’t the only player having issues in the game

@TiredShark If you can capture any video you have an email it to we’ll take a look as you should have no issues playing up to 4.

@Boredandtired This was handled by customer service

Only one was and had the same issue on both @Matt

You were able to play throughout

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I must’ve gotten the wrong torment number, thanks tho

Matt, when I get the energy and time I will stream on Twitch a display for your team …

Yes I’m having that issue right now it will not play the browser version at all and I can’t keep telling you to clear your cache because they know that’s not the problem and they should be pretty hip to it now that nobody believes that. They keep saying we’re not gonna have any more issues but we keep having issues and I’m still having issues. Don’t get me wrong I love playing here But they’ve had so many things go wrong lately, how dare they would even tell you that is beyond me, it’s stupid!!

I used to be able to play multiple tables perfectly fine until recently. When i reached out to helpdesk, they state no problems. I am pretty tech savvy and have done everything to try to fix it to no avail. So frustrating