Jackpot sit and go

I haven’t seen a jackpot at all and I’ve been playing several a day all week. Not one bonus. Think they’ve stopped all jackpot bonus pots completely.

I’ve seen a few never anything larger than the 5x JP

I was actually getting on here to post the question… Has anyone ever seen a jackpot sit n go prize more then 5x? I’m not surprised that it’s already mentioned in this thread because I’ve never seen more then 5x and I play multiple daily. There needs to be some available documentation showing when jackpot sit n go’s hit more then 5x because if these jackpot prizes recycle monthly SOMEBODY on here should have seen something more then 5x!

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I’ve not gotten on bonus jackpot at all this whole week and I play several a day. Not one!!!

Has ANYONE…ever played in a JPSG that had a payout of ANYTHING other than 2x or 5x??? I’ve talked to many players who play multiple daily like myself for almost a year I can’t find a single person who’s seen or heard of any payout other then 2x or 5x. Why is there no way for players to view how many different payouts have been hit, when a payout hits, when a jackpot hits??? I’ve never seen an announcement, a notification, a congratulations to a player??? Arent these mysterious “jackpots” supposed to hit monthly??? Considering how often a 90%+ favorite gets beat after the flop by runner runner flush or every all in thats kicker dominating “kq vs k5, A9 vs A3 etc” the chip leader with a weaker kicker wins damn near EVERY TIME! Considering How overwhelming tilted the percentages hit the underdog consistently… HOW THE HELL HAS NO ONE SEEN A PAYOUT OTHER THEN 5x???

Hey everyone, @russflo we’ve moved your post here as it relates to this topic.

Just an update on this as this is information that we want to provide. However, for the privacy of the players who do win these Jackpot’s we need approval before we can publicly post them. For some clarity on how these Jackpot Sit n Go payouts work you can look to the following table:

Note, that as we hold 7% of the funds that go into these payouts, there is no need for us to not ensure that the payouts and gameplay are fair. Hence why we use an RNG to guarantee the unpredictability of our games.

We’re definitely sorry to hear of anyone who hasn’t been lucky enough to hit a Jackpot yet, but as you can see the chances of hitting even the 15X jackpot is only about .0015%.

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We’re not asking for percentages, we’re asking for a way we the players can see or be notified when a jackpot is hit. You’re right they are rare, which is why it would only make since for ignition to want to promote it EVERY TIME THEY DO HIT

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I played in a $20 for $300 and won. It’s been then I see quite a bit of 5x for $100 on the 20JSNG

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Why would you merge my post RANDOM JACKPOT WINNER to this thread??

That post was for winners of random progressive slot jackpots…not poker.

There aren’t any posts moved here that were created by yourself.

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I just realized you are right Matt, the post moved was not one I started.

But the post you did move and combined in this one was about progressive jackpots, correct? Not poker.

As mentioned above @kcclucky, a post was moved here from your topic as it didn’t relate to yours and was about poker.

HAS ANYONE ELSE EVER NOTICED… ALMOST every time I play in a jackpot sitngo that has a 5X payout…Seat 2 almost always seems to win. Not only that but once it’s heads up, the other player gets coolered by seat 2 one way or the other. Next time your in a 5x pay attention to that, and hope you draw seat 2

I have no idea how many sit and go jackpot things I’ve played, but, I’ve played a lot of them. I have yet to see a larger amount more than twice the buy in. Come on, really, most are only twice the buy-in, you would think it would at least be three. Seems to be a bit, no, really cheap of the site!!

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Has anyone playing 60’s ever pulled a table worth more than $300? I’ve played an insane amount of these I know it’s a long shot but I never have and am curious to see if it’s actually possible, anyone know the odds of hitting the different prize pools?

I’ve played in a couple $600 and a couple $900. This was Well over a year ago.

Cool just wanna feel like there is a chance lol

I think odds of hitting the highest one is 1 in 100,000 so keep at it and let us know!

I won the $105 once on a $7 sit and go

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@jazzylou really?? let me go and try a $1 and see what I get