Jackpot sit and go

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HAS ANYONE ELSE EVER NOTICED… ALMOST every time I play in a jackpot sitngo that has a 5X payout…Seat 2 almost always seems to win. Not only that but once it’s heads up, the other player gets coolered by seat 2 one way or the other. Next time your in a 5x pay attention to that, and hope you draw seat 2

I have no idea how many sit and go jackpot things I’ve played, but, I’ve played a lot of them. I have yet to see a larger amount more than twice the buy in. Come on, really, most are only twice the buy-in, you would think it would at least be three. Seems to be a bit, no, really cheap of the site!!

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Has anyone playing 60’s ever pulled a table worth more than $300? I’ve played an insane amount of these I know it’s a long shot but I never have and am curious to see if it’s actually possible, anyone know the odds of hitting the different prize pools?

I’ve played in a couple $600 and a couple $900. This was Well over a year ago.

Cool just wanna feel like there is a chance lol

I think odds of hitting the highest one is 1 in 100,000 so keep at it and let us know!

I won the $105 once on a $7 sit and go

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@jazzylou really?? let me go and try a $1 and see what I get

I don’t understand why most of the sit and go tournaments have terrible jackpots. I buy in to a 7$ sit and go and the jackpot was 14$? Why wouldn’t it make the minimum jackpot the total buy in? (21$)


NOW I KNOW WHY THE JACKPOT RANDOMIZES TO DIFFERENT VALUES. When I play the $0.50 jackpot sit and go I usually get the $1.00 or other amounts. But to see the real jackpot we have to wait to see if we hit the 100,000 probability.

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Been playing the 100’s and been seeing either 200 or 400 pots. Nothing more. Anyone else getting anything higher?


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Hello I am new to the forum! I know I am many months late to answer this but I got lucky enough to play against 2 other people for the jackpot sit n go game NLH $7.00 Buy in grand Prize of $8400.00 :slight_smile: just to make it even better I WON! I ended up getting $7000.00 and the other 2 entrants, even for losing got 700.00 each.

I have been playing on this site since early 2017 and that’s when I started taking the game of Texas Holdem seriously. Starting reading books about strategies and how to better myself. I’m so happy Ignition Casino lit that fire for me. Now, after many years of losing. I have been on a roll making sizable amounts of money:)

Best of luck to you at the tables!


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: where is this tables at !!!?

has anyone ever hit an actual jackpot table before? i’ve my screen loading and my table turn orange and then glitch out and turn green for the x5 table or just regular grey. it’s happened a few times.

Yes, I actually did playing the $7 Jackpot Sit n Go. April of last year. They say the jackpot is going to be $8400 for the $7, but when I won I got $7,000 and my two opponents got $700!

I have won several tables with the sit and go toury’s and haven’t noticed yet being paid anything. What am I missing?

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I’m sorry to hear about this. Please send us a PM, with the Tournament Numbers, so that we can check accordingly. You may find this information from your Hand Histories.