Jackpot SNG Suggestion

Just a suggestion… I think 1200x pot is a bit extreme and most players will probably never see that size pot. I would be more happy with 100x-200x so it increases the chances substantially for players to be able to play for larger pot.


Current $7 game goes up to $24k
Suggestion… Change to $700- $1400 max

Moderator… is there any data that shows approximately how often a current max pot gets played?

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We wouldn’t have that data unfortunately, but thanks for your feedback.

I have played hundreds of these and have never seen one for more than 5X buy-in and I would say maybe 10-15% of the ones I’ve played have been 5x with the rest being 2x payout


Just to clarify here @tpatton2915 were you also talking about Jackpot sit and Go’s or cash game pot sizes?

We do actually have charts that show our Jackpot sit and Go hit rates. The payout table and odds are HERE.

Thanks for the data and response!!

I was referring to jackpot sit n gos.

That’s exactly what I was asking for. It seems that thread you referenced was also indicating that the jackpot game of 1200x is just to rare and isn’t player friendly (only 1 in 100,000 games). It should be drastically reduced to maybe 100x-200x so that more players are able to compete for larger prizes on a more consistent basis. It would be great to see more than a 5x prize on occasion. I think most players would agree that odds of 1 in 100,000 games is just to high.

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They need those big wins to draw people in to play the games. But they make them very rare so it leaves money for the other multipliers. It’s a compromise I’m pretty sure ignition is happy with and doesn’t want to change.

If you want more money for the 100x to 200x multipliers, bear in mind they would have to reduce a lot of the 5x multipliers. Is that really something you would want?

I completely understand they made the jackpot amounts so high to draw in players. However it’s just to unrealistic odds. Maybe using “ win up to 100x” would still carry the same weight with players psychologically. You wouldn’t have to reduce any 5x games. Instead of having 1 game of 1200x per 100,000, You have 12 games of 100x per 100,000.

Or simply have an option of four players as a higher risk and increase chances of a larger pot.

Just ideas I had to share….

Well that would be a normal sit and go game, there’s plenty of them usually 6 people per game and all the buy ins actually get paid out