Jump to free spins upon acceptance

When you collect free spins from your rewards page, under the bonus tab, there should be a button that says “collect and play now” or something similar. Then once its selected it takes you straight to the game. Too many steps involved on some of the games. Have to navigate to the rewards page, accept the spins, go back to the lobby, then to the casino, then to slots, and sometimes have to change the filter to the “All Games” tab, and then finally after all that madness you get to use the free spins. Shouldnt be all that difficult to accept the free spins and then the button is linked right to the Slot to use the free spins. If this has been suggested before feel free to delete this. Thanks!

You would only need to accept the spins, click on slots and type the name of the game in the search bar.

There are a few ways to do it but why not make it one click? Idk its just an idea

I second this. Great suggestion. Im used to the run around and familiar with the site but i whole heartedly agree.

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