Knockout Tournaments $?

It would be great if poker knockout tournament lobbies displayed how many players you have knocked out and displayed the total money you have won from knockouts.

Hi @DonkeyShow,

As always great to hear from you! This is definitely something we’ll look into, and provide updates here as they come to us. We have taken notice of all the feedback you’ve provided, and hope to have some news soon from other feedback topics as well!

We’ve moved this into ‘Investigating’ while we look into it.

Hey @DonkeyShow,

Just getting back to you to let you know that we think this is a fun idea so it will be something we’ll be considering. For now, I’ve gone ahead and moved this topic to ‘Site Feedback - On Hold’ and once we have a further update we’ll let you know!

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Any update on whether this will be added?

There’s nothing in place yet, but we haven’t forgot about this and will keep you posted :slight_smile:

Just moving this over to ‘Delivered’ as this does now appear to be implemented.


Played one last night and it was a great setup. However, I only knocked one person out so I’m not impressed with the progressive lol. I’m sure the more you knockout the more beneficial it would be. I placed 10th with only one knockout