Make it easier for players to review hands

It’d be way easier to review your hand history on mobile if hands were grouped with the games they were played in.

At the very least it’d be easier if the time shown for each hand was in standard AM/PM

I’d also like to be able to access my hand histories while playing in a tournament. Works more often than not when all I’m doing is going to the hand history tab and NOTHING else.

If I have a poker lobby up or a poker table open I always get the connection error message. Then I usually would have to close out of any poker or casino related windows, close and relaunch the client. Then go straight to the hand histories in order for it to work. Sometimes it takes any number of tries to get it to show up.

I’m not having these problems with downloading hand histories.

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Not being able to access hand histories during tournaments, poor table balancing during tournaments, not being able to open my table at the start of sit-and-go tournaments, and the “Oops! Wrong ID…” message when trying to open tables are my biggest issues with the poker software right now. Disconnects still happen, but things have gotten better than they were.

This reason alone is why I’ve started looking into building a HUD that can be used while playing on Ignition, seeing mucked cards in real time can make a huge difference.

drivehud is cheap, don’t waste brainpower on this site.

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Since I’m running Linux on my laptops and desktop I was looking into building one as a chrome extension, I wonder if I can get driverhud running in Linux using wine…

:smile: Youre just a masochist the whole way round, no wonder youre sticking around.

Lmao I have dualboot on my laptop but I haven’t booted into Windows in over a year it’s so over bloated it kills me