mBTC minimum betting amounts

I don’t see how any ordinary average person can afford to play bitcoin exclusive. Hell btc is at almost 60,000$ usd. and the minimum bet is .20mtbc and that is just on a few games. a lot of the games is .50mtbc . That is over $50usd for MINIMUM wager per spin. And ignition has the highest risk games that I’ve come across. And Ive been to a butt load of casinos. And I’ve noticed after I did finally win and request a withdraw that Ive not been able to even win my bet back! I just literally went threw $500 usd =8mbtc(ridiculous) in like just a few minutes. NOW TELL ME who in the hell can afford to play at that rate,. And let me remind you that Im trying to play MINIMUM. Its not like im going balls to the wall and make betting. Hell max bet with bitcoin is like 5K. WTF!!!

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Yup Bitcoin fees ridicules

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NOT JUST THE FEES! but how can anyone afford the casually play in casino? Unless your a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett!
Maybe Jeff Bezos

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15$ minimum bet get expensive really fast! especially when only 1 out of 30-40 spins might pay something

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Bitcoin Cash or Sv
but can’t find any exchanges that can purchase Bitcoin cash or Sv

IM wanting to taje a count of actually real ppl that are playing casino on regular basis with bitcoin PLZ. IF you do then plz just post a simple yes , and if u you don’t mind maybe even your typical weekly bankroll.

ignition doesn’t take btc cash or sv! u can purchase them

I just spent like 550$ usd for 8 mbtc ignition currency.
A person playing min bet .50 mbtc doesn’t have chance! they have got to rework this system or Ive gtg somewhere else and I Gamble everyday!

They except cash & Sv

wow that’s the first I’ve seen that!

I just started playing here couple weeks ago.

That’s the Exclusive bitcoin that I’m stuck with

I’ve been in numerous chats with customer service and they tell me Im bitcoin exclusive!! what ever in hell that means. I guess Im exclusively a the only dumb ass! where did u find that page because I’ve been all over there sights never seen that!

Hell ny bank uses zelle . I feel like Ive been taking for a ride !

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But I guess its my own fault
. I got in the car!

Im not able to see that page ! You must be an employee!!


No I don’t
I’m a sucker just like everyone else here in Hawaii

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well its the first I’ve seen about thOSE BONUSES because I’ve sure not gotten any of them . IM copy and past that shit to customer service . TY very much for the info!
Hell like I said I started a couple weeks ago and im Gold their already so u would think that they would take care of degenerate gamblers like any other casino! hell I can fly out tomorrow with Caesars for free and my dumb ass playing with these yahoos

how long u been with ignition?