Memory leak in Ignition Poker, CPU maxes out


Seems like I am not the first person to post about this. Ignition is incredibly CPU-intensive whenever I am playing, maxing out my 2019 Macbook Air almost immediately and continuing for the duration of my playing sessions. This happens in both the native app and on the web.

I have to imagine the dev team has looked into this before. I am happy to test things on my end and provide additional information. Would just like to see this get fixed.

Hi @youngersheldon

Can you send any screenshots of the CPU usage to us here

Is it just me or is this amount of CPU usage slightly suspect?

While my PC is not the newest piece of hardware it is a fairly capable machine, yet I’m maxing out when playing one slot?

Lately I’ve mainly played on mobile devices and while I have noticed that they are resources hogs I’ve never quite seen behind the curtains just how demanding they are on hardware.

Is this the way its designed? I cant imagine its expected that everyone have high end hardware to play some slots.

For reference I use this pc for audio production and am able to handle 75-100 virtual instruments without going over 70% CPU usage. I understand that not every computing task is the same but this seems off in more ways than one.

@TensFULL We’ve moved your posts here as it seems to likely be related. We are going to escalate this and have our team look into it. It may take a few days to have a firm update though.

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Just for more information;

@youngersheldon did uninstalling and then re-installing still cause the high usage?

@TensFULL does changing the browser being used help with the usage limit?

Couldn’t add a reply to previous post.
Today was the 4th time in the past couple weeks that my memory showed 97% and power usage Very high. It was after about 7 hours of play. It Froze my whole laptop, forced me to power off my laptop.
I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and will do it again for my next session. Fix this please.

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@LennoxWay thanks for reporting this, i have added your screenshot to the investigation.

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@LennoxWay have you tried to use a different device at all?
Could you also provide some information as to what device you are using, what os, and which browser please?

I’m not able to reply on the thread. I use windows 10. A few weeks ago I updated to windows 11 and my whole laptop froze during my session. I thought it was because of the windows 11 so I went back to windows 10, but the freeze still happens. I checked task manager and realized it’s because the memory gets to over 98%. Powered off and on my laptop a few times now. Now when I see if it approaches 80%, I restart my laptop during the 5 minute break but unforunately that will delete all of my notes I been taking for past few hours. Yesterday after only 2 hours of starting my session, I noticed the memory was already over 60%. I decided to restart my laptop during break. Surprisingly the rest of my session the memory stayed around 40% only. I’m gonna play again today, planning to play for an hour, restart my laptop during break and hopefully it will stay around 40% again like yesterday throughout. Felt a lot less stressful not having to worry about that.

Also the MBs also gets to over 1,000 when its over 90%

I noticed even though memory stayed around 40%, the MB went up.
I did an early restart of my laptop after opening the client today, not sure if this was the reason but the memory stayed around 40% throughout.
It wasn’t all smooth though, I attached a photo showing 2 of my 6 tables were frozen. I disconnect/connect my wifi right away and it ran perfect the rest of the way.

Thank you, I have forwarded this information.

Is this max usage still occurring?

If so, can you PM the moderators here with the answers to this:

Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):
Mobile (yes/no):
Desktop (yes/no):
Location Information: