Mislabeled tournaments

—The 2:15 AM ET $20+2 ($5 PKO) is labeled as a turbo, but levels are now 12 minutes. This was especially annoying to find out after I registered today, since I spent twice as long as I had anticipated playing the tourney.

—The 5:00 PM $4K Guaranteed $30 tournament is labeled as “10K chips, 10 min levels,” but levels are actually 12 minutes. This has been the case for months.

Hey, maybe ignition could reward my helpful feedback with a ticket to each tournament! Just sayin’.

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No response, still mislabeled. Anyone home?

Can you please provide exact names of the tournaments or a screenshot and we’ll take a look.

here’s the first one

It looks like the other one might have been moved to 3AM and fixed. I’ll keep an eye out for any other errors.

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