Missing rewards

I made my deposit of over $100 yesterday and have not received any of my rewards…no spins points or ticket for poker

The week runs from Monday to Sunday.
The deposit yesterday was classed as last week and you already received the rewards for last week.

I am missing my weekly spins/points/ticket. Could you please help get them applied? @moderators

@Kareem Could you help me with this? Thanks

Upon review, you have not made a minimum deposit of $100, once you have done so please give it up to 48 hours to hit your account.

Oh okay thanks @Kareem

I deposit $100.16 just now check please why nothing showing on my rewards free spins, free tournament ticket and miles points pl

Rewards can take up to 48 hours to credit after the deposit is made.

Ok @Davy now ive made another deposit and still haven’t received my rewards will check on this for me please

You are still well within the 48 hour timeframe, you only deposited yesterday.

Hey Davy could you plz add in 20k rewards points they have shorted me the last two times. Supposed to he getting 25k they are only adding 15k appreciate your help

You should be getting 15k points as per your promotion details HERE

No they told me it’s 25k because now my minimum deposit is 100 instead of the $30

I’m afraid that wouldnt apply on all accounts. Some accounts will get 25k but yours is 15k as shown on your promo page.

It’s always some kind of shady bull shit with this place. I literally looked last time i made thit deposit and the stuff said 25k! You all are ridiculous

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They did the exact same thing to me. About 2 weeks ago. Always changing shit around when they like and as they like…with no explanation.

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Yea it’s getting to be really annoying

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Hello. I received my rewards points and free spins but no poker ticket for the deposit that I made. Can you please help me with this? Thx

It looks like this was added to rewards.

Not the poker ticket unfortunately. Please help with this