Mistake in tournament

Tournament SMPO#12 lobby shows only start with 10 chips, I suggest you guys fix that before mayhem happens…

Let me take a look.

Can you please copy and past exact name of the tourney and buy-in? @LennoxWay

SMPO #12 - $40K Gtd (23K Chips 10-Min Levels)
Starts @ Jul/21/23, 05:23 pm

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I’m working on it.

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#61107452 $25+2.50 tourney secretly went from went 3k guarantee to 2.5k guarantee. But that’s not the issue, It supposed to be 15k chips with 6 minute levels, instead it’s 15k chips and 12 minute levels. Shows turbo but it’s a marathon of a tourney late into the night. Definitely a lot of angry players stuck in this tourney tonight. Might just punt it to get some sleep.

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll check this.

#60355709 is listed as turbo too when it’s not

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