Mods can you explain this? Please don't make this private for the sake of full transparency

I was betting $10 a spin on reels & wheels xl and got all 3 bonus wheel symbols but the when didn’t open.

After being accused of sending edited images I was told the reason the wheel didn’t open was because there was a display error and I didn’t actually get all 3 symbols I only got 2 they said… CS sent me a screenshot of the “actual” outcome with only 2 bonus symbols, but in the picture they sent one of the bonus symbols is in the last column…

The bonus symbol never shows up in the last column only “wheel” & “free spins” symbols are shown in the last column. The image they sent isn’t mirrored either because the rest of the symbols line up.

I’ve redacted my balance and any other private info in hopes that this thread remains public.

I’ve cropped the name of the mod that sent it because they were only relaying what was said in chat

I did already explain this in PM

I meant if it really is the actual outcome explain how there’s a “bonus” symbol in the last column

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I did already explain this to you yesterday.

You explained that what I saw on my screen wasn’t the actual outcome & showed me what was supposedly the actual outcome.

But today I realized the image you showed has the “bonus” symbol in the 5th column which is impossible only “free spins” & “wheel” symbols are shown on the 5th column

Which is shown here:

This symbol only comes out on columns 1 & 3, so both outcomes shown were incorrect?

This is the outcome of the spin on the back end.
The bonus symbol was replaced by the wheel symbol in column 5
The was however no bonus symbol in column 1 to trigger the bonus wheel.

Bonus symbols never appear on the 5th column it’s how the game is designed,

They get replaced by the wheel symbol, its a trigger.
The wheel symbol you saw is correct

Give me a moment I will locate the spin again and post a screenshot

Weird considering the free spins and when symbols are shown throughout the spin how does it differentiate between free spins and wheel?

I would think this is down to the outcome of the spin being known as soon as you hit the spin button, but that’s just a guess.

Then there would be no need to replace the symbols.

Anyhow I appreciate the info & the fact that the thread was not closed or made private

I understand what you are saying, yes. I don’t know why it works that way, but that is what we see in the game log.

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