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Does anyone have a clue when the mods are available here? I come here and only see 2-3 members but rarely see a moderator and it doesn’t matter what time I visit. I had an issue yesterday and it took 2 hours for a moderator to even address that they saw my concerns.
I’m not sure about most of you but I don’t have hours to sit around and hope that my questions/concerns get addressed…especially when LIVE CHAT is like talking to a bot!!!

I’m new here but not to the industry and so far I’d have to say I’m less than impressed with the lack of support. I was told the phone lines were working but not for “NEW” players due to #COVID!! I guess “old” players money is more important than keeping “NEW” players satisfied and continuing to deposit.

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Hi @ANT0023 !
Mods are here most of the time, but unfortunately due to working on various other things sometimes a reply will take a little while, although we do monitor the forum and try our best to respond to any questions as soon as we can.
With regard to your live chat comment, did you actually speak to one of the agents?
Once you connect to live chat you will be greeted by a bot, a little tip if you need to speak to an agent will be to type “live agent” this way you will be connected to a person.


I don’t have phone support, that I know of. However, I have had no problems with online chat (rarely use it).

I find it faster if you message @moderators directly.

Im new also, Joined earlier this month. And yes they have sh**ty customer support. Hell they dont care about keeping new money! Ive played threw $4,304 mtbc in less than 3 weeks and cant even get them to honor their btc exclusive perks they advertise. Im being told that Im not part of the btc program but yet Im not allowed to play usd. Oh they did offer to let me make a new account erasing my tier points that ive earned thus far! WHich im gold , so it be back to zero to play usd but im not in the btc program. WTF!

@Tracker, As I stated on the other thread HERE this is inaccurate. You never joined the BTC exclusive program and your payment options available are due to your choice of creating an mBTC account.

You have been provided the link to the BTC exclusive club and simply have to upgrade your account. You will then be eligible for the benefits going forward. You also don’t have to create a new account in order to join the BTC exclusive club, this is only if you want your account to be in USD, as you chose originally to create it in mBTC.


I ve not seen a link and I still cant find one so idk… .

The post was on your original thread.

The second link will bring you to the Upgrade Page.

Any idea when the next poker bonus will be? Ignition needs more poker bonuses more often.

Hi @Gremlin,

Bonuses are issued at the discretion of our Promotions Team. Please do monitor your account from time to time, for new Bonuses they may issue.

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Ok one more question, what’s the prize pool for the social media freeroll?

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The Ignition Social Media Freeroll runs every Tuesday at 8:05 PM ET and has a $250 prize pool each week.

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Mods are never on this and there is no player interaction. The reason I’ve gone from depositing thousands here a week to bovada is because of their community and that I could potentially cash out quickly. You guys are blowing it

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Hi @Jgosch,

We’re sorry to hear about this. We are here most of the time, so if you have an issue or a question about your account, feel free to send us a PM.

Hello claimed my free spins for Ceasars and when I open game no free spins available but free spins disappeared from bonus screen. Diamond player and you all cant get 25 free spins right. Have already cleared cache etc so your standard response that’s not it. Thank you. I know you guys will figure it out. Thanks

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@krbflorida Apologies as I just saw this now but I did respond to your PM so let me know if you have them yet.

I seem to have problems getting my posts approved in the selling category during certain times of the day. What are the hours of availability for any @moderators to approve my post(s)? Are any available now by chance?

We moved your post here as it’s related to this topic @Jfern11