More PLO and PLO8 tournaments

Is it possible to add more PLOand PLO8 tournaments to the schedule.

Hi @Shinobi71! Welcome to our Forum!

This is something we can definitely look into, especially if there’s more demand for these tournaments from other players.

We’re going to move this Topic to ‘Investigating’ while we see if it’s an issue that requires further attention. The ‘On Hold’ topic is generally for problems that we have set aside for now, or will get to at a later date.

So let us know below if this is something many of you would like to see in the future!

Also, any updates towards this issue will be posted here.

there are basically none. we need PLO bounty games. Knockouts bounty in plo make some super big and exciting pots.


Yes I agree that knockout bounty tournaments are exciting to play.

I love PLO and PLO8 and Stud and Razz get all these games in here. Make mixed limit horse tournaments as well.

Yea I wish they had more games, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

We’ve heard back about this suggestion, and at this time we won’t be pursuing adding additional PLO and PLO8 tournaments to our current schedule.