More Tournament Options

I think it would be great if the site could add some “on demand” tournaments of varying buy in amounts. Every tourney doesn’t have to be a guarantee or have as many players as possible. I’d also like to see an occasional tournament with no late registration; whoever is registered at start time, that’s who plays. Some limited registration games are a real value for those of us without unlimited time to wade through a massive field, but still would like to play MTTs on a regular basis. I get that the 3 table tournaments are similar to this, but there’s a few differences which make them unideal, ie: the starting stacks are too small. I have my issues with the ACR platform, but I have to say I think Ignition could benefit from some similar options in the tournament lobby (btw, I only play at Ignition). Thanks

Hi @RussianCopa,

We appreciate the feedback, and these are ideas that we can look into implementing if we have the demand for it. I have moved this topic over to ‘Investigating’ while we do so, and we will provide updates as they arrive below.

In the meantime everyone, please let us know what you think, and provide any additional ideas you think of.

Thank you Foster. I appreciate that you guys actually take the time to respond to our posts in this forum.

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