More visual variety options for tables, card backs and fronts

I would love to see more dark table colors, especially a dark blue. The current dark blue barely looks blue. Also in tournaments the final table color of purple has a bright neon ring around the inside of the table that is lined up with where the bet sizes are and makes the bet sizes hard to see because of this. Please remove that neon ring so it is easy to see the bet sizes. Also having more options for color choices for the backs of cards instead of just the current black and red. Also being able to choose a four color deck that just has one big number on it would be great. People love having variety and being able to customize the colors so more overall options for this would be great.

Hi @DonkeyShow,

I would like to start off by welcoming you to our forum and thanking you for submitting your idea.

We would love to have as much variety as possible but for now I have moved this topic to ‘Site Feedback - Investigating’ and once we discuss things with the team and get an update we will let you know! :slight_smile:

The type of 4 color card decks I would love to see would be something similar to the ones I am attaching to this message. Only one big bold number on each card with a different colored background for each suit. It doesn’t need to be fancy and not have bright background colors so they are easy on the eyes and easy to read. 4%20Color%20Deck%201 4%20Color%20Deck%202

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Final tables have a bright ring that goes around the inside of the table and this is something that is unique to final tables. This bright ring lines up with where players in the bottom left and bottom right have their bet sizes shown and this overlap causes the bet sizes to be hard to read.

I’ve moved your post over to this topic as it’s a suggestion that you’ve brought up before.

This is still something that we looking into, but we definitely appreciate the screenshot that you’ve included to highlight the issue.

I find that lot of the current choices for table colors are rather bright and strain the eyes. Please add more table colors that are slightly darker than the current colors. It would be amazing to have a color palette to choose from that allows players to choose any color they want.

I see that there’s still been no movement on this so I’ll be re-escalating this to see if we can get a clear response on it especially in regards to the color palette of the cards.

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Just a heads up we did get word back from the Poker team and unfortunately different card color options isn’t something in the direct pipeline at the moment. This doesn’t mean it won’t ever be an option, but at the moment there’s no timeline or assurance that we’ll be instituting this. I’ll be moving this to ‘On Hold’ now.