MTT Lobby Filters not working correctly

when i uncheck “Satellites” only some of them are removed but some are not.

when i uncheck micro, low, medium, and high in the “buy-in” section 8 different tables still show.

again over 2 weeks still not fixed.

Apologies for the late reply on this as it seems to have been missed. I will take a look into this today as I do see that there are some tournaments that don’t disappear regardless of what checkboxes are unchecked, however, I am unsure if this isn’t intentional so I can’t guarantee that it will be changed.

We have now received word back that indeed this is actually an intentional item, as essentially these are the tournaments that are being promoted and purposely at the top of the tournaments page. Therefore, they won’t be removed regardless of whether you unclick any boxes as the system has them placed on priority.

We’ll be moving this to ‘Dismissed’ as unfortunately this won’t likely be changed.

Inside of the poker client, if the buy-in filter is selected for “micro” buy-in under “scheduled tournaments”, there should not be a $100 jackpot sit-in-go option listed. I spoke to support and they said this was expected due to the $100 sit in go is a “recommended” tournament which is not subject to the buy-in filter. IMO recommended tournaments should still be subject to the buy-in filter inside of the client. I saw “Jackpot Sit & Go - $120k Top Prize” when filtering by “Micro”, and thought “Cool, let me double click and understand the tourney structure”, double clicked on it to view more information about the tournament. I ended up being automatically charged $100 and placed in the sit & go.

I understand that it was my mistake for clicking on it, but I still think this is poor design.

Hi @21outer,

We do appreciate the feedback in relation to the Buy-In filters. The recommended is just to promote more players to the $100 sit-n-go (STG). I do understand that an error can occur and we will have this discussed a bit further with the leadership team.


I’ve actually moved your posts here as it relates to the topic above which has already been addressed by the Poker Team. I do understand the frustration here for your specific instance, but it’s not something that will likely change unfortunately as we do have promoted tournaments that are always at the top of the list.