MTT starting info all in 1 place

It would be nice to have the following in the same place every time i open a MTT lobby:

starting chips
how many minutes per level

also but not as important how many minutes are left on late registration.

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Hey @player1, you can find all that information on a table under ‘Tourney Info’. Are you referring to something else?

lol wow i was looking exactly for just that…so weird how i looked at that mtt lobby 10000x and i seen that button there but i didnt…

thank you

well the not as important request i guess is still a request.
how many mins left till late reg is over.

No worries at all, glad I could help.

At the time, you will able to view how long the late registration will be available for, as well as how long the tournament has been running for & the minutes per blind level so it’s easier to tell if the registration is almost up but I will pass on the suggestion to our Poker team to review and will let you know if there’s an update.