MTT suggestion thread

Can you Mods please don’t lock this thread so other players can add to it down the road. Thanks!

  1. Please being back the 815pm $82 tourney.
  2. Please fix the 9:30pm $135 structure. It should either be 15k SS with registration closing at 1.5k BB level or 10k SS closing at 1k BB level - NOT a 10k SS closing at 750-1500 blinds as it currently is tonight.

Yes Please, I won a ticket for this tourney, in the satty and it was pulled from the schedule.


Why did we get only a 3k starting stack for the $215 75k Gtd? Please just give us a normal structure especially for the biggest tourney of the day.

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Can you bring back the 8:15 $82 bounty along with the 3 monster stacks you were running during non-series days? Having just one extra Mad Monday a day the week before the Monday holiday is not enough volume. Thanks

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Any plans on bring back those 3 nightly MS you ran most of last year?
Why are you running these one-off tune-ups every night weeks before the actual event?
Stop doing that and just give us the old 3 MS tourneys in between the bigger series events like last year:
7:40pm $25 10k Gtd or 740pm $15 15k Gtd
8:40pm $150 30k Gtd or 7:40pm $215 50k Gtd
10pm $109 Turbo etc

How about the 815pm $82 bounty?
Why was it removed and never replaced?
It was a staple tourney along with your $55 8pm for like years!

Basically your 7-11pm MTT schedule sucks for the last few months. I can no longer get any decent volume in on your site alone without playing another site at the same time. Thanks

So you think it’s worth doing a $82 2k Gtd PLO 1k Maker instead of any of the tourneys above? It’s already been canceled 3 times and hasn’t even been on board for a week yet. WP guys!

Also why are you closing the 8pm $55 at the 300-600 level with an 11k starting stack? It’s barely making the Gtd at 600 players when it was getting over 1k players during the tune up ones last month.

Thanks for your feedback.

Can you guys please change the $82 PLO buyin/format at 10:05pm? It has gotten cancel every single day over the last 2 weeks. Just lower the buyin to $44 with 4k Gtd and maybe make it turbo like the old 11:05 $15 PLO you guys got rid of? Thanks