Mute Side Notifications

How do I “Mute Side Notifications” permanently, on the Notifications Menu? I turn it off, but it keeps re-enabling itself.

Hey there @Sam1_123,

When you’re on a table, you can either mute the side notifications or close our notifications menu altogether by clicking on the top right corner: image
Please let me know if that helps.

Thanks, but I was referring to the “Mute Side Notifications” slider on the bottom of the Notifications Menu. I have to repeatedly activate the Mute option every time I join a new table.
I would prefer to keep all notifications on the top of the screen muted permanently.
If I cannot, that is ok

@Sam1_123 thank you for the clarification. At the moment, there is no option to mute the side notifications permanently.

We appreciate your feedback and we’ll look into this. In the meantime, i’ll move this topic over to our feedback category.

would be great to mute the side notifications in the user settings instead of having to manually do it on every table. Its an issue because the notifications block the seat 2’s cards

Hey guys,

Thank you for all the feedback. I just wanted to circle back and let you know that we’ve sent this suggestion to our Poker team and for now, we’ll be putting it ‘On Hold’ but if anyone else wants to pitch in, feel free to post below.