Negative Impact on Player Experiences

You guys are getting an extreme amount of backlash from your customers. Your forums are flooding with nothing but complaints and fraud claims.

Question is:

Whatre you guys going to do about it?

Are you going to fold and take everyones earnings?

Are you going to admit to your faults as a team?

Are you going to make the site a better experience for all?

When can we see progress on actual efforts to supporting your customers?

There’s a lot of questions to be asked… Prepare yourselves for one hell of a ride.


What will the answer be?

(faint sounds of crickets and possibly frogs in the background) reeedeeep, reedeeep…chk, chk, chk…this is the reply you will get regarding this question…

We are sorry for the experience as of late and this is why compensation was offered for all the issues 2 weeks ago. I can assure you that we are not folding and we continue to work on things to make the experience better all the time; just look at the new hot drop jackpots we recently released.

I didn’t receive any compensation and I register to play. What is going on with that

I didn’t receive compensation whatsoever

Yes you did and redeemed the miles on June 11th

Honestly, something is not right here. I’ve played here for 8 plus years and am diamond level and I have never seen it run this cold for this long. The timeframe this has occurred during is truly a direct correlation to the collapse of the crypto market. It is so obvious what they are doing. Ignition stopped offering their weekly boost bonuses among other regular bonuses the last two weeks in a row and they scrapped their $2,500 free roll last night due technical error, despite the fact that all of their paid entry tournaments ran just fine last night. Doesn’t matter what game, what bet size, the wins and returns are not what they used to be. It is so clear things have run afoul here. Why don’t the moderators investigate that?


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I did receive some compensation for the issues as of June 1st to June 6th-7th… Things cleared up and I figured everything is good. For the past 2 deposits I have had ify connection issues. I filmed it where I cleared 1 browser signed in again, and again(the poker client would simply never load or give errors and even the deposit screen has given me errors which should never do that, some of the client won’t load at all tonight. Several days ago hands would autofold)… I could show you where one room is lagging and where the poker client is on a loop! This is never been an issue until this June1st Issue for me. Not like this. I feel like it’s hurting my experience with Ignition which pretty much up until this has been really good.

Things have been so laggy I wonder what’s up? What’s going on to get this fixed and will there be a solution not just compensation? In nearly 3 or 4 situations I have been tilted by software quite a bit.

P.S. Filmed it again ‘continual loop, lag through ignition’s browser software, in Mozilla or Chrome with cleared cache’ there is no apparent solution at this moment aside not to play?

P.S.S. I would think there is no compensation big enough if this continues? Cause Ignition my favorite poker site available to me is unplayable just about. (on the very verge on saying will I have to leave till it’s fixed and when?)

I’m having login and poker lobby loading issues multiple times a day. this can take minutes or hours for fix. The issues begins when a game completes and I go to register for new sng game. An wrong I’d error message appears to log me out but I can still continue playing games in progress if Multitasking. However, to play new game I have to ex out tab and try several work arounds a that costs hours of my time and then spend Another hour if I want replacement or refund… thats what I have to do play a game once I get logged out … It’s frustrating experience lately as it resulted in being blinded out of mtt tournaments and sng games, losing out on jackpot bonuses(stakes) , potential winnings And lots of my personal/free time time to resolve and report issue. And of course I can only get the ticket replaced so that I can go through it again the next day.

We do not have any common reports of disconnections or issues like this recently as previous problems were mitigated. This could likely now be an isolated issue. If you have a video you want us to review you can send it to You can also PM us with the answers to these questions.

Time and Date of the incident (ET):
Description of the issue:
Games Effected:
Browser(s) used:
Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):

Have you done the following:

  • Clear cache and cookies:
  • Try another browser:
  • Reinstalled the poker client since these issues?
  • Used Google Chrome in Incognito Mode
  • Are you currently using any HUD’s or Third Party Poker software?

I believe I am having same issue as player above who mentioned being In continual loop.

Time and Date of the incident (ET):
It occurs Multiple times a day and began within last $9 days ñ

Description of the issue:
In poker lobby

  • wrong I’d error message and logged out by system.
  • Unable to log back in or load log in screen.
  • once logged in, unable to load Poker Lobby

Games Effected:
Poker. SNG games. I demember two $12 tournament because it happened and I was blinded out but I still cashed.

Browser(s) used: chrome.mozilla
Operating System (OS):Android
Internet Service Provider (ISP): tmobile

Have you done the following

  1. Clearing cache/ cookies turns it into logging in issue when it may have been just a loading issue.

  2. I download Mozilla and I can login with Firefox and load poker lobby but it’s not compatible with Ignition poker software so I still can’t play.

  3. App doesn’t help.

  4. There isn’t a fix. Sometimes I ex out and come back and can play new game and sometimes I have to do several different workarounds and download different browser, restart device, clear cache, etc and I’ll be able to login and load poker lobby. However I’m not sure if anything I did fixed it. Might have been the hour or so it fixed itself.

Please PM us with the answers to all the above questions as well as providing screenshots as to the error messages you’re receiving and we’ll look into escalating.

@pokerroombully I know if you have more then one tab going the problems seem to happen more frequently, in my experience anyway. It’s hard not to multi-task especially if the game is going slow but I’ve found the problems happen less if you are only using one tab. Might or might not help, just thought I’d throw that out there.

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Everytime I play jackpot tourney, Im kicked off for at least a hand or two if not the whole tourney, cant connect. error codes. always after I pay.
Spent hour on the chat due to 3 withdrawals coming out of my acct and only authorized one. NEVER responded. Once I reached someone, got absolutely nowhere. I kept offering proof…like my bank statement, transaction history, but he (berater) said didnt see it. I cant even pull it up now because it is just over 31 days.
Always have issues! only been here less than a year, but it is starting to feel sketchy!

It’s related to poker as issue starts there. I’m logged out, message pops up and I can’t open new table while I’m playing an existing table. and then the logging/loading issues begin.

Below I tried to register for new sng game and error message has already popped up. U can see me play existing game w no issues. I called the all in to show u what happens afterwards.

Below is what hap afterwards and what happens when I use work around all ur agent gives ad a general solve to every issue that happens with software. Then I also go on YouTube which plays perfectly to show it’s not my connection. This happens multiple times a day.

Everytime this happens and this is mild it can take an hour to log back in and several different attempts at a work around.

My question is… Now what? What can be done?

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We’re review the details

I need my account reactivated after a fraud investigation somehow came back negative. Even though $175 is missing. Told me to connect to a live agent to reactivate but I’ve tried and can’t connect to one.