New delay when pot is being sent to winning player

there is a slight, but noticeable new delay each time the pot is being collected and sent to the winning player at the end of a hand. It is frustrating as over time if you play a lot of hands, it slows the game down. I’m sure this is an oversight by the programmers but when will this be fixed?

Its really annoying.

This is the kind of item we would likely need a video or some form of proof to look into. In testing we were not able to replicate this, but it could simply be our test environment not having the issue or that this is isolated. Are other players having this issue?

I’ve noticed a delay at the end of multi way hands that went to showdown with more than 2 players involved at the end of the river. It was at least a full second pause. That’s all I can remember atm, if it happens again I’ll write down hand#, time, and all that. I’ll try to get some video if I can.