New Ignition Update

The new update sucks!
Cards run so fast that when you get to showdown you can’t even see the other players hands and you have to waste time by replaying the hand, I can’t do the hand history because it says connection to server not established.


Agree. Too fast for showdown and in a poker its very important to understand what hand your opponents play

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i can not even get poker to load

i finally got in poker. as far as getting help from live chat or agents i gave up a long many years ago lol

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Note that on review we don’t actually see any common reports of disconnection issues last night so this does seem to be isolated in this case. We did recently have an update though so we do advise ensuring you perform a full re-install if using the client to make sure it’s up to date. if using web browsers make sure to refresh them and as always use Google Chrome.

Absolutely 100% dead on. The showdown is so fast you are lucky if you see one player’s hand, much less 2 or more.

And correct on hand history. I am NOT “disconnected from the server” and can actually see the hand maybe 1 time out of 10.

Totally unacceptable on both levels.

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I uninstalled the software completely and re-installed, it helped with the speed issue, the only thing still messed up is the hand history. but at least u will get the speed to run normal again.
Try it.

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You are saying the Neanderthal method of un-install/re-install slowed down the showdown reveal?

yea, it worked for me. but they still have to look into fixing the hand history issue

Interesting. How much slower?