New Slots Not Loading Windows 10 Client software

The latest additions to the slot list are not loading on my Win10 download client.

These games are:
*** Savanah King**
*** Savanah King XL**
*** Super Wilds**
*** Storm Rider**
*** Galaxy Stars**

They pop a loading window that remains totally white and fails to load.

All OTHER slot games load fine using the download client.

ALL slot games work fine using the browser version interface.

By the download client are you referring to the Poker software?

I do see this as well, and will escalate now.

Thanks, sir. Yes to previous (just for continuity)

This has been escalated now. It does appear to perhaps be related to a specific issue we’ve had with these games that our Casino Team is already aware of and actively working to resolve. We’ll provide updates below and thanks for reporting.

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You are welcome. And thanks for the 100 free spins for the bug report!


It’s just a joke. There are no rewards for bug reports! :grinning:

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Might have got $6-$8 on those 100 spins

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Silly person. ROFL.

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Just as a note here we’ve had a response and these games are going to be removed from the client while the Casino Team looks into fixing them. They should be fixed once put back on the software.