New Style Of Sit N Gos

Please add a new type of sit n go. You guys have the 6 handed double up sit n gos for 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar buy ins and you have hyper turbo sit n gos where you only start with 500 chips. I would love to see you merge these two and I’m sure it would be a huge hit. Make 6 handed double up hyper sit n gos. 6 handed and 3 people double there money but they only start with 500 chips. Thank me later for that rake :wink::kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the suggestion @CallMeNemo

I’ve placed it on hold for now, and your fellow players are welcome to chime in if it’s something that they’d like to see.

i would NOT like to see that. hypers and everything getting faster is what killed the sit n gos economy. it sounds good at first glance but its bad for long term. people like to play the actual game of poker. when its all hypers this is what happens. people deposit there $200 and it all goes away to fast and they dont wanna come back for more. the normal structures like regular and turbos people get to enjoy their money spent on the website and if they lost in the sit n go they still day dream on how poker was fun. their entertainemnt value for their dollar went a long way and maybe if a few things went different in the sit n go they could have won. it makes them want to come back for more. the hypers are to exhausting and give you no sense of enjoyment

Ok first off you basically proved my point that it would be great to add to the site if your worried to many people will play them and I also disagree with what you said 100% and to be honest its clear you are not very educated on the current status of sit n goes. There is already hyper sit n goes playing around the clock. Adding another style will NOT take away from people playing regular style sit n goes it will just give the current hyper players another style of game to choose from.

There are 0 regualr or turbo 6 max and 9 man sit n gos running where top 2 or top 3 get paid. Its all double ups and triple ups. Nobody plays tier sit n gos anymore because of hypers and jackpot sit n gos. Its not good for poker that normal style sit n gos got wiped out of poker when they use to be very popular. Thats why the double ups and triple ups are so popular on this site cause people still wanna play a poker game where you can see a flop and have some time to play. Look at the lobby you wont see anyone registered to a 6max sit n go or 9man that isnt a double up or triple up. You cant add hypers and turn it to just a preflop game. It will get old fast. People will stop playing sit n gos all together like they did in normal formats.

You are completely wrong and as for the double uo and triple ups being played instead of the regular ones that’s because your getting better odds for your money and in turn increasing your profit. Adding this style of sit n go will not take away from the double ups ect because look at you whinning about it. I guarantee you dont play the hyper if they launched a double up version. Others wont either but the hyper players would love it. Either way if your argument is dont add it because go many people will play it and it will be so popular no other type of sit n go is played you are just proving my point

you need to see the big picture. if sites keep adding these hypers and jackpot sit n gos it all ends there. when you play hypers its hard for you to play anything slower. so when sites come out with lets say the sngs with the satilites. if all people know is hypers they wont play it. its too slow and all preflop play. so hyper players wont ever branch out to other games if sites want to add things like 18 mans, knockout sit n gos. etc…in poker you have to keep everything the same for the money to go around. a slower structure even a trubo, you can see a flop, bluff, play turns, rivers, everything that poker has to offer and when players think they know what their doing they see a satilile sng they can say i can try that or a 18 man i can try that, a tournmanet, cash game, everything cause its all the same format. and poker can grow. all these games use to run back in the day before hypers popped up…now no regular sit n gos run anymore. im so brainwashed in double ups i cant even imagine playing 3 way at this point cause im so use to sit n gos ending 3 way now…and im a player who played regualr sit n gos for 7 years without a job and now i cant even imagine playing 3 way and heads up. (i like the double ups im just making a point how people can get influenced by playing a certain format for a long time) look at the jersey websites they had sngs then came out with jackpot and now its gone and everythig else is falling apart. but pensylvana hasnt launced jackpot sit n gos or hypers and sit n gos are running like crazy, cash games are booming and tournmanets are up. hypers are bad because it doesnt translate to any other form of poker. they fill now cause sit n go math regs flock to them then new players see 3 of 6 filling so they jump in it without a thought. but those new players who dont want to wait for anything just jump in the 3 of 6 cause everything else is 0 of 6 and then those new players dont grow into loving the real beauty of poker and their brain is warped into giving up or maybe just sticking to hypers and never play anything else and eventually a website dies.

Ok well you are wrong. I’m not going to argue with you but as for satellites there is already hyper satellites to every event. Just because you dont like hyperspace does not make it a bad decision to add. You actually proved it’s a great idea to add since you think it will be so popular peo pl le wont play any other sit n gos lol.

What stakes do you play?