New suggestion thread for MTTs

I can’t find the other MTTs suggestion thread so I created this one. I’ll go first my complaints than suggestions:

Why was the 815pm $82 PKO removed? It’s been a staple for years on this site along with the 8pm tourney.

Why did you create a new 9pm $44 Dozen tourney to just get rid of it in less than 2 weeks? If it’s have overlay issue, why not just lower the Gtd from 12k to 10k etc like you do on other tourneys.

Will either of these tourney return after GSPO9?

The 8-11pm schedule is very thin now for player who want to play with a high ABI.

Removal suggestions for future tourney series/Mad Mondays:

  1. ante only - it’s been a dead format for years.
  2. escalating blinds - Never see this format anyway but Borgata & your site.
  3. Omaha high limit - the last didn’t even get 6 players to start it.
  4. 50/50 - it was great format for WSOP Draft kings promo & that is it.

We thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We will escalate this accordingly.