Nightly $75 PLO Tournament - Structure Change

$3,000 Guaranteed (50K Chips - 5 Minute Levels) PLO- $75 + 7 - 10:05 PM EST
Hope all is well!!! Recently the structure of PLO $75+7 tournament was changed to the new format(50K 5 - Minute Levels). The prior format was identical to the $3,000 Guaranteed (Monster Stack 15K Chips - 9 Minute Levels) - 10:05 PM EST. I was one of the most consistant players of this tournament when it had the Monster Stack version. I have played the new strucutre(50K Chips - 5 Min Levels) a couple of times but do not like it. I also notice the tournament rarely starts due to not enough players registering. I would recommend either reducing the buy-in and guarentee or bringing back the Monster Stack Semi-Turbo version. Just a suggestion to get the tournament to run more often. Thanks and have a great day!!!

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Agree with this, I was a regular also. This tourney starts late and starts with 50k chips, way too many chips at the beginning. Maybe if it got moved an hour earlier, or change it to 10k or 15k chips only, or both.