Not so random/ Same hands

anyone else play sit n go and jack pot sit n go / other tournaments at the same time and have the same if not very similar hands and same outcomes, That cannot be coincidence.It’s like i can almost guess what i’ll get and won’t get from. or if it will be a straight hand win or full house flush etc. it can be very predictable. sometimes

or if chip lead bets in a hand it will favor him to kick more out of the tournament

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Definitely, but I use it to my advantage. Let’s say a Q9 os shows up a lot, my hand or another, I calculate how well that hand is doing. Then if I get it I bet accordingly. The patterns happen a lot. Last night it was aces, night before was all Queens. If I had one, it was going to be on the table. If you are paying that close attention to the game, your on the right track to playing good poker. I used to play blackjack and made a living on it with 4 others. Card patterns are real, live play and RNG. There’s always a pattern. Winning and losing

they have algorithms to make the game “exciting” with bigger hands and bad beats

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anyone ever notice a correlation between a persons loss rate measured by -xbb/100hands and their likelihood of believing the games rigged. above my favorite comment was “it’s like i can guess what I’ll get” I mean fella. I WISH I had that superpower. you must win piles of money being able to guess the cards that will come, hands that will be dealt. i mean, for your statement to be true, you’d have to be a winning (crushing) player right? because if you knew what was coming, and couldn’t beat the game…you’d have to be real special.

here’s a reality check. only the losers think its rigged, the rest of us worked hard to get good enough to win more then we lose. second. no site is gonna risk their reputation to scam you. you’re not that important. 3rd. people track hands. like you guys know tracking software exists right? there’s guys that play a million hands a year on here, those hand history dbases do get looked at, if anything, and i mean ANYTHING occurred that was even close to the boundary of standard deviation, it would be headline news on every poker site/publication/blog/vlog on earth. you don’t hear about that stuff because it almost never happens. and i say almost because things like ultimate bet can occur. i think scott tom got away with it for like 3 months before he was caught. 4th and most importantly. when talking about poker and not casino, you need to realize that the sites only means of earning money is based off of the rake it collects through your play. the notion that a site would ever rig some mythical algorithm to benefit one player over another is just illogical. when a player busts they, and this is important so pay attention, THEY DON’T PAY ANYMORE RAKE. If for some far flung reason a site DID decide to manipulate the game, they would choose to generate more chops. not more losses. chops keep players at the table. and guess what players at a table do? THEY PAY RAKE. you know, the only thing that the site can monetize off of a player… just planting seeds guys, just planting seeds. maybe its not rigged. maybe you’re just not that good at poker. just saying, hard truths usually sting for their accuracy…


The only legitimate “rig theory” I believe could happen is the “action hands” rig theory. Not rigged against or for any specific player in any way. More players in the hands, more players connecting big time with the flop, more players willing to put money in the pot, more hands that generate the max rake. Anyone with internet access and half a brain that doesn’t live under a rock could never honestly say any kind of corporate or business entity wouldn’t:
cheat/steal/embezzle/lie/scam/rip-off/rig/fix or alter in any way their means & source of income simply because they “already make so much money they wouldn’t risk it”…or my favorite “why would they want to rig a cash cow?”…There are SO MANY enormously powerful & wealthy, tried & true multi-million/billion dollar, household name companies that have been caught swindling their own customers, their own investors/shareholders, other companies etc. etc… Why would those already mega wealthy corporations/companies/executives/employees etc. risk their success, luxurious lifestyles, reputations and decadent amounts of money, power & guaranteed long term security for “just a bit more” cash??? It happens ALL DAY, EVERY F%CK!NG DAY in the USA & across the globe…and these are the huge, powerful, high profile, publicly traded stock, name brand, trusted, long term entities people know & do business with that have been around 100+ years in some instances. Do you REALLY believe that some random 3, 5, 10 or 15 year old online gambling site that profits pennies in comparison would somehow aspire to a higher standard of business principals & ethical codes of conduct than these mega corporations do? Greed is a powerful thing. I am not claiming any sites do anything to alter their games. But I believe that ANY situation where a HUMAN & MONEY are involved together at any level, has potential for corruption. I know this appears cynical, but saying it can’t or won’t happen for whatever reason seems incredibly naive. It has happened before in this industry with people saying EXACTLY the same things about those who started noticing suspicious activity. They were ridiculed for speaking up about what they experienced playing online and grouped with the “riggies.”
Turns out they were the heroes who started the process to take down the UltimateBet/AbsolutePoker criminals, and their input was critical to shut the scam down. (side note: Sadly, many of those assholes were never punished for their part in the scam and surprisingly, somehow, some still work in the gambling industry today…some involved with online sites! If that isn’t scary, I don’t know what is!)
Much like today, when someone even mentions the possibility they are treated the same way…NEVER believe that something you do not fully control or have access to is 100% secure.
Let’s break it down:

  1. these sites are located in Malta, Isle of Man, Costa Rica etc. 2) there is very little to zero gambling regulation or oversight in these locations. 3) no business license or certification worth more than the paper it’s printed on (see points 1&2) 4) any RNG can be certified for “randomness” but what about the poker software that utilizes or “accesses” that RNG?
    Just my thoughts, not trying to debate the subject…just providing an alternate viewpoint.

The sit n goes especially jackpot seem to be something very wrong going on just now I had A 5 and guy shoves all in pre flop I call he has 8 7 offsuit the boards lays out a perfect full house for the 8 7 how many players goes all in with 8 7 offsuit preflop period in poker and full house is not a common hand in Texas maybe Omaha but not Texas I see way to many full houses in the jackpot sit n goes constant flops of face cards paired. When you have 3 people at a table 1 out of the 3 should not be able to build a trips or better hand out of every deal what happened to no one having shit for a few hands

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