Not sure if I can trust this company

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Looking for other people’s thoughts and to bring awareness to the community.

I recently expirenced a problem that makes me question the overall practices of ignition and most likely Brovada in general. I received an email in mid January stating I was a hosted member and the pointsback program was being updated.

This was a welcome surprise as I’ve been a hosted member in the past and the perks were very nice, (which included special gifts, ect.) The email continued to state i would receive any eligible deposited funds back every 5 days instead of the weekly pattern. (Refering to the crypto-exclusive program).

Over the next 30 days I played and deposited with more enthusiasm and obviously money then recent months due to this incentive.

I reached out 2 weeks in, to indicate I’m not seeing the pointsback update. I was helped promptly without issue. I received a gift as well as my points back in a couple min. 7 days later I had not received points again, so I reached out, and it’s a completely different situation.

I’m informed that I’m not hosted, I may or may not be eligable, and a claim that the email was sent out on “accident”. No correction was ever sent out if this was, in fact the case.

And that’s where my situation stands. Apparently it’s my problem, and no attempt to better understand what happend or make it right.

It seems like an easy fix for this company, or any for that matter. However its not my call, but now I want to understand the practices this company. especially since it’s gambling.

This instance appears to be my wake-up call after after 2 years, $$$$$$, and public support of the company.

I’m looking to understand what I’m experiencing. Is this a me issue? Have others had this happen? Is this just how it is and I never knew?

I am surprised by the “thrown out the door” attitude I appear to be getting. Based on my experience leading up to this point it’d been flawless support. Also, I know I’m profit cow for the company as I rarley cashout, I deposit close to six figures annually in bitcoin “during dips”, :joy: and usually play the casino

However, in a short worded, 9 email thread, I lost any trust with the company.

I appreciate you reading my comments and look forward to hear back. Thanks for the help!


I would have trusted Charles Manson to babysit my kids back in the day more than I would this site

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Lol, I hate to think I was that in the dark, but dang that’s what it seems like. Appreciate the comment.

As has been advised through PM, this seems to have been a message that was sent to you in error and did affect a few players. That being said a few things to note here, even Hosted players are not permanently registered into the program as being hosted is a temporary thing. We do apologize for the error of course, but the only real difference is this 5 day period anyways. You are still eligible to eventually receive a your random points drop, it just isn’t going to be done every 5 days.

Not the answer I was hoping for. You are lieing to me and not honoring your commitments. Don’t tell me after the fact is was an error, fix it and make it right!

And like that ridiculous PM, it’s YOUR JOB to make this right. I didn’t send the email, I didn’t promise things that you are now claiming “aren’t that different”. I just wanted to know if I’m going to be able to trust this casino. For example, are the machines really rigged? Will the company honor the winnings if I get lucky??

If being hosted isn’t a big deal, then why is it a special invite only option? You sound ridiculous downplaying your own incentive program.

This is a disgusting situation. All you needed to do was honor your promise to me, wether it was an error or not…and per your own comments it’s not a “big difference” in practice.

The right choice was to ensure I was happy because you would have made money off me short and long term.

I’m not doing this back in forth it’s a choice you make, not a conversation.


Again, even if hosted this wouldn’t be something you would receive in perpetuity so there is no way to ‘honor’ this going forward. This is a hosted benefit and you unfortunately aren’t hosted. We do again apologize for the error and you were provided an exception previously to make up for this. We will follow up with the hosting team and we’ve also PM’ed you some further details.

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Apologies for my long rant. I need to know I can trust this website and my issue is understood. I appreciate the PM Foster, but knowing your options as support is limited, is a challenge for me.

As you can see from my profile, I’m only a few hours from Vegas, and if I really need to gamble I can. I don’t play small and I spend large windows of time playing for large amounts. If I win I go bigger.

I just need to know operations has more transparency to ensure legit/consistent play. I see the forum comments about all the different ways people think the company prevents winning. I’ve never wanted to go there, but I’m streaky and seen similar patterns.

I need to know I can play and have fun with a chance to win something. If operations is so limited, it loses my confidence overall.

And to be candied it is a very helpless felling to see these responses. Who else can we go to if there’s an issue? I wouldn’t go the the forums if I thought I had other options of getting tangible results or feedback.

Thank you for your extra time, but I just don’t know at this point.

I two have had some negative issues here lately with this company after 10 plus years they were usually really good with customer service if the site was down or even if I had actually made the mistake they would do something for me anyway sometimes but he recently I had a spin and gold Rush Gus the bonus play on the roller coaster where I was at 300 semi-plus credits on a minimum bet and it clearly shows it cuz I took screenshots of it and I contacted them because it only play for two or three checkpoints and then say air reload after 15 times reloading on top of going incognito clearing my cookies and cache and everything I could do on my end I contacted them and they said they would look into it well first it pretty much wanted to dismiss me and call me a liar at that time I had no screenshots so later week maybe went by I’ve contacted him twice and that amount of time cuz they would tell me 24 to 48 hours and nothing was actually said back to me in 24 to 48 hours I have to reach out to them every time long story shorts and 3 weeks later they tell me I did get the bonus round but it was not initial winning spin to even allow the bonus spin so somehow or another the system screwed up enough to spin that I had played money on wasn’t a winning spin so that one didn’t count so the one I got the bonus on that spin that didn’t count so all of it’s gone and 3 weeks 10 hours later and I don’t know how much money later I’m told well there’s nothing we can do about it you’re just basically s*** out of luck I have screenshots of the coaster ride during the game before it messes up I have some shots of the discussion between me and some of the customer service as well as emails and they just don’t care if they’re going to lose a customer or not or if their systems are broke because if somebody was a winning spin to them it’s not so they can do that at their discretion very bad very poor judgment on their behalf so somebody hits the jackpot maybe you did maybe you didn’t they might take it out from underneath you overall the thing that cracks me up it would have been a roughly $9.90 at the time it messed up and then I said compensate me for my time a little bit the 20 minutes waiting for somebody to get on chat sometimes it did sometimes it didn’t so I have to go back and do that again so some 10 hours of my time and you know the bonus stuff I’m in like 30-35 bucks I’d have been happy I wouldn’t be going through this but 10 years later and this relationship is pretty much at a end

Yeah BPP 1 2 3 I do probably would have trusted Charles back in the day more than this place right now because like you need to get give me no real answer they just said it wasn’t a winning spin well it clearly shows it was and then they told me that two to three times on top of not getting a hold of me for the I don’t know until I griped enough about the third fourth time I’ve had to discuss back and forth about no one filling me in they’re leaving me in the dark they leave you in the dark you know and then they just tell you the basic minimal answer like you’re supposed to it’s not a winning thing so you didn’t get Grant anything it’s like what how does that make sense you guys just tell me that and I’m supposed to go okay and leave it alone I guess it’s like mushrooms you know feed him s*** and keep them in the dark that’s what they think and that was why I was so irritated because you stepped on my integrity and my dignity almost to call me a liar like that I run my own business and I’m a man of my word so I don’t need to lie over $10 so that was a you know I’m a gambling to generate or something they but unlike you I am not a cash cow I’ve actually I think I’m ahead or maybe even even but more than likely a couple Grand ahead over the 10 years I might have put in $3,000 or something personally amount of money but I know a couple years ago I hit 7,900 and prior to that another 1200 or something like that as far as big amounts come out of there so maybe that’s the reason they’re for me but it doesn’t matter I mean negative feedback is negative feedback but then again advertisements advertisement whether it’s negative or positive but I will never tell somebody uses company again because they absolutely did not care like you said

This is one of the shots I have of me playing the bonus and it clearly shows I have 306 I believe credits and again we’re talking $9 and what 18 cents at that point the next two screenshots I took and concession I think it was at 3:20 something or 3:40 something so there it shows clearly I was winning and then they said they couldn’t find nothing on there and initially and and basically like I said call me a liar felt like so the next time I got on I try to play it went right to that same checkpoint stuff it run maybe two and then say Eric but least I got some screenshots along the way oh well now yeah they can find it but I mean the whole thing is shady and I’m I’m appalled by it if I traded my customers the way they did me I wouldn’t have many I guarantee my work you know so I’m like you just honored with you guys’s commitment supposed to be it just it’s customer service since covid maybe he’s out the window and nobody cares I don’t know cuz I know more people are staying home now and so they don’t care but again I’m not going to tell people to use this casino anymore I used to

@Jrainey369 Note that some of what you’ve stated here is not accurate. We have reviewed your chat sessions over the last week and in regards to this issue, and at no point do we see anyone stating that you are a liar or dismissing the events.

The issue was in fact escalated (twice) and reviewed by our Casino team. They clearly advised you that they did in fact find the bonus spin that you are showing above, however, it was not a winning bonus spin within the skill game.

Continuing the discussion from Not sure if I can trust this company:

Now here is the answer they gave me more than once and if anyone out there other than one of the employees would like to tell me how this makes sense and I would listen to it how you can tell a customer of this and they’re supposed to go okay that’s it and they move on let me post it I might have to find it first but let me post it and then we’ll see

so here’s the answer they gave me tell me how that makes sense

you have to go all the way back to the first conversation nobody technically called me a liar but they were like there’s nothing here sir on their end on the computer so they wanted to basically said there was nothing they could do I mean if you want to put that on the site for verbatim that would be okay cuz obviously you guys apps or whatever won’t let you take screenshots of the conversations so you guys got it okay and you to go ahead and post it here if you like from the first conversation I had some 3 weeks ago roughly I guess and yeah they did kind of dismiss it and even I didn’t know what to do about it so I never said that they did absolutely call me a lot if you read it I do believe I stated something along the lines of his I was basically being called a liar and being dismissed I mean is that’s the only way you have to stand on as far as what you have to say for your guys’s company is that my story wasn’t so true to behold all truth I mean pretty sad man and you say yes it was a bonus but it wasn’t a winning bonus spin yet I got pictures showing at 300 plus credits on that roller coaster ride I mean can somebody explain that to me and even so fine it wasn’t a winning bonus spin whatever 10 hours of my time roughly just to figure it out because you’re Kim or moderator or whoever on your end never never contacted me back for the first week and a half week whatever it may have been after I was told 24 to 48 hours three different times I believe don’t quote me for verbatim or you might have to argue that point too I guess so then I was told that you guys reinstated that bonus I could play it okay so I go to play it well there’s no money in my account so I can’t play it I call you people they won’t let me play nothing you can do for me all right fine I need to put money on oh guess what it’s still doing the same thing now then I’m told oh I guess it’s not a winning spend so everything we told you was for not and thanks for wasting your time and your money today goodbye you are the weakest link I mean come on any little lies in there I mean you go ahead and clarify them for me but overall what I’ve stated was the truth so I don’t know what leg you have to stand on and argue with me about it I spent my time and stuff on a mistake I did not make and I get nothing for it after I don’t know some 10 hours and some very very poor customer service and I think kind of poor customer service now just another slap in the face because your explanation just doesn’t jive with what I see

And you know I get it you probably a lot of people on here want free money whatever I have a legitimate complaint and gripe and everything else I just want a little compensation of my time and how none of this would have had to even occur you know I’d have been like well it was a mistake computer or whatever I get it but hey you know you compensated me 20 25 bucks for my time whatever just to say here you go and keep happy and how to move down in life but after I was told 24 to 48 hours some three times I believe maybe more I don’t know when exactly anymore and nobody contacted me and I got to keep contacting you guys and I complained enough and finally people started sending me emails back or at least there are notifying me on your guys’ website through the messaging system and then I contact you guys because I was told to email it call her to get a hold of you guys to chat with whatever and when I do chat it’s with somebody else not from the investigating team so then I’m routed around in a circle again not knowing that these things are being sent up to investigating you know just because I contacted the regular chat people that particular day or because I sent your investigating team members whatever an email I didn’t know that escalated it so that means 24 to 40 hours from that point being said I mean you guys really dropped the ball on this one I used to tell people all this a legitimate site you know blah blah I used to really vouch for you guys but this whole incident here is left a very bad taste in my mouth you know because there’s a lot of fake sites out there so I said just are not that and I used to tell people to get on your guys’s site now it’s legitimate it’s real it’s on money you know I used to speak highly of you guys but now this is this has been one hell of a slap in the face

Note that there is a large difference between saying that we don’t see an issue at first or that they can’t find a spin and simply dismissing you as a liar. As stated above and even in the screenshot you posted, this was escalated and the agents involved did ensure it was looked at so to say they’ve simply called you a liar or not even attempted to help you isn’t an accurate depiction of what happened here.

I understand the time invested into getting to the bottom of the issue, but ultimately there wasn’t an issue. Your spin disconnected but wasn’t actually a winning spin.

Hey you can say what you want man I know I’ve been with you guys for 10 years plus he recently you just got downhill as far as your customers’ services concerned as far as just appreciating your players and if anybody else out there in the world is reading this and seeing what I’m seeing I mean they can decipher themselves you can tell me it wasn’t a winning stand which I don’t understand that because the pictures clearly show that there’s some credits that I picked up and that roller coaster ride thing so I mean it’s not an attack against you personally whoever you are but you know something seems fishy man or woman whoever you may be and again really so what I’m a little upset the whole liar thing you really stuck on that

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Well I’m not here to say that they have made things right by me and no they didn’t pay me off with hundreds of dollars or anything like that they gave me what that bonus had showed up basically for the last screenshot I had of it was roughly 10 bucks that’s what it would have added to if I wasn’t mistaken and that’s what they gave me and finally all is right in the world today so again I’m going to have to go with their good company legitimate they do pay you out you know I’m going to have to tell more people again if I hear them speaking of gambling or anything like that but I’m brag about ignition casino again

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I’m a little late to the party here… just now seeing this. I’m no one special. I’m actually very new to the site… however, I’d like to offer my two cents…

bpp_123 is 100% right here in my opinion. I couldn’t have replied to Foster’s comment to your post any better myself. I’m actually surprised this response hasn’t been liked by anyone this far. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle:

Also, I’d like to point out to Foster the moderator here that it should be in your best interest to make sure these memebers here voicing their concerns/opinions/experiences are left feeling better about a situation, rather than feeling obsolete or in valued at all… I can’t believe you’d rather make your responding messages about how wrong the person is for feeling a certain way about their situation. What an ass-backwards way of dealing with a costumer service issue… I really hope Ignition values treating their customers the absolute best over having an employee stick up for the company to try and save face. Smh. How disappointing.

bpp_123, good for you for standing up for what you believe is right! I’m with you 100%. More people should say so too instead of being afraid. Come on people! What’s right is right! And what’s wrong is wrong…… simple.

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Very good post. Probably not many likes because this forum is dead for a lot of reasons. I will list two. There isn’t much traffic here. The Bovada Community Board Is pretty vibrant actually. There aren’t a lot of people to even read and like posts made. That’s really awful because many are insightful. Second, there are no contest or promotions in this forum. On Bovada’s Community, they give away tons. There are new contests all the time. There’s a lot of camaraderie and fun. On Ignition, we’ve had one! Sad.

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Also don’t forget about how “nothing is guaranteed here” not even the basics

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