Okay, so can we get a definitive yes or no?

Rumor from the moderation at a sister site stated that Bitcoin Exclusive is undergoing changes, and Ignition has officially scrubbed any mentioning of Bitcoin Exclusive from the site’s page. So what’s going on? Is Bitcoin Exclusive going away?

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Not that I am aware of.

Why do I not have any exclusive bonuses. No spins or points or tickets. ;(

They’re probably letting off on pushing users towards crypto cause crypto is tanking, that’s just my theory though.

@Possumking You are not in the crypto exclusive program.

I’m afraid it’s inevitable, especially with the sister sites already making changes and what not. I also cannot find any links to see the crypto exclusive benefits, which I’ve been a member of for a couple of years now. Writing is on the wall imo

Crypto markets are tanking with BTC at 23k.

Online casinos hold a huge amount of crypto between deposits/withdraws and might have a run on the bank situation when people convert their balances back to crypto.

Gotta cut back on the promos ya know :slight_smile: