On Demand tournament

An on demand tournament would be so good and get a bunch of activity similar to how the 18 and 27 man sngs do

Put it in the tournament lobby.
$22 buy in with no guarantee – or just replace the 3 table sng with it and make it a $11
Tourney starts when there’s 6 or 9 players
10 min levels
30 min of late reg
New lobby pops up when late reg ends.

Would be so good. Especially for the mornings when a decent amount of tournaments don’t start because it misses the required players.

please please please. Quite confident 2 tournaments would start every hour (only reason it wouldn’t be more is because a new lobby doesn’t appear until late reg is over)

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Can we get an explanation on what this type of tournament entails?

Anyone else have interest in this, when we forward feedback to the poker teams it helps if there’s some added interest.

Basically, it’s a format with no prizepool guarantee…

Its constantly open for registration until the minimum amount of players (lets say 16 minimum) register, then late reg starts, for lets say, an hour or so…

While i like the idea of having constant tourneys being avaliable, i dont think the system is capable of handling it at this moment.

Yes Solo is right.

They’re tournaments with no guarantee prize pool and they don’t have a specific start time. They start when x amount of players register and it’s a short late reg period (30 to 60 minutes)

And when one of them starts or late reg closed a new lobby appears

Other sites have them that require 6 or 10 players to begin. Really similar to sit n gos. Could probably just take the 9 man sng blind levels and give it 2000 starting chips instead of 1500