Patch notes for recent updates

Is there somewhere you guys post patch notes about recent updates? If not, can you start posting them here on the forum? It would be interesting to see what is being updated, fixed, added, etc.


While we’re not currently posting about each update done to the software, any major changes or releases will be mentioned when they occur.

Is there any reason in particular why you dont do this?

Most updates tend to be focused on minor performance tweaks. Whenever there’s any updates or changes implemented we’ll definitely post about it, like we did here.

Ok, thank you. I ask because yesterday I was forced to update the client and last night and I was having all kinds of trouble while I was playing. Sometimes my tables wouldn’t pop up. Other times the table would lag mid hand for a minute or longer then resume but I would be sitting out and missed multiple hands. The lobbies were lagging. I was getting dozens of pop up messages every few minutes saying “We’re unable to process your request” or something like that.

Many people we’re having the same issues. It was noticeable in the tournament lobbies as well. Last night only 6 people registered for the 30$ lucky 7’s at 21:07 and the tournament got cancelled. These issues have been going on for months and it shows when you look at the numbers. One example is the 10$ 5k Guarantee at 20:45. This tournament used to be an 8k guarantee on weekdays and a 10k guarantee on weekends. Now it struggles to get even 500 runners.

You guys have a unique product. Anonymous tables are great. Its a more relaxed atmosphere. People want to play but many of them literally cannot play because of the software and its driving them away. Please do not lower guarantees during this time. If the guarantees keep dropping, coupled with the software issues, things could spiral downward very quickly as they have already begun to do.


Anytime there is an update I’m always wondering what was changed and wishing there was patch notes as well. I updated last night and after logging in within 30 seconds the site said it it couldn’t detect my Internet connection and logged off. I tried logging back in and the same thing happened again. I didn’t have any Internet connection issues with any other websites or apps just Ignition. I ended up not playing last night because of it and I probably wasn’t the only one because I checked the 2+2 forum and saw numerous posters mentioned they had similar issues.

Issues that cause people to be disconnected, lag out during hands, or not even being able to sign in is something that is been going on for a year or two and coincidentally it seems like tournament player fields have been decreasing and it honestly doesn’t surprise me because sometimes I get so frustrated with the disconnection issues or bugs in the software that I go play on other sites that don’t have these issues and I know I’m not the only player that gets sick of these issues and goes elsewhere. Ignition really needs to prioritize these disconnection issues and software bugs that have been going on way too long because it’s driving players away. You guys have been on the poker scene a lot longer than many of the other sites around and have gained a reputation of paying out while other other sites were running off with players money (ie. UB and Lock Poker). If you can’t provide a smooth enjoyable playing experience then the reputation of having good payouts isn’t going to overcome the frustration players experience with constant disconnection issues and software bugs.

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