Payout was wrong

Hi ! Lets check on this for you, what do you think is incorrect?

I read the rules. It says if you hit on 2 lines you get a $25 payout. It didn’t pay me on both pictures.

Yes, this would be correct, but you would have to get 2 lines on the same card, as per standard bingo.

Why doesn’t it state that in the rules? Because if you read them all it says is 2 lines win $25. That is misconception.

Well in that case you could say a full house can be made up of 10 on 1 card and 5 on another card which isn’t the case.
1 line, 2 line and full house and also the bonus win need to be the same card.
This is how bingo is played.

Is this a win

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We’ll double check now


so for the scatters to pay, it would have to be on an actual line.

Meaning the first column would have to have essentially have any logo in line with where those camels are lined up. With that spin its like no symbol is in the first column so the spin wouldn’t be a winner.


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