Perk specific to player needs

I’d like to suggest that the casino offer perks to the customer that is specific to the customers play history. For example I never play poker. Don’t know how and have zero desire to learn. Therefore a poker voucher does me no good.


Different bonuses are offered to all players, be it for poker or casino play.
If you look at your rewards page you will see you currently have 5 available bonuses.
Only one of these are for poker, the others are for casino use.
Also, freebies do get sent out to players by the marketing team to try different aspects of the site.

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As the customer I am telling you that as your customer a poker tournament is nothing I am interested in and that I wish something would be offered based off my play history. I don’t play poker or cards period. I don’t need an explanation as to why I always have this free thing I have no use for. I thought this was where the customer could make suggestions

Right but it’s of no use to me.

I understand if you don’t want to play poker. I’m simply advising you that you do also have casino promotions available to you.

Never mind. I will keep my suggestions to myself.

All suggestions are welcome.

I agree. I really only play poker because of the free tickets I get but I’m not interested in it. it would be nice to have the option to replace the free poker tickets with something for the casino.

It feels like everytime I’ve made a suggestion on any of the forums it is met with the moderators defending the casino. Why is that

Sell it

Nobody was defending the casino, you commented you didn’t play poker and you wanted promotions specific to yourself (ie casino). I was trying to point out that you only had 1 poker promotion and 4 casino promotions available.


I literally got on the forum and said the same thing like a year ago because I had never even played a hand of poker. But then I just googled how to play poker and learned out of boredom. It’s just a freebie I guess and poker is actually a decent way to pass time when you’re broke or something with the added bonus of maybe actually winning something you can turn around and use in the casino too if you want lol I’ve actually won a decent amount from it on occasion.

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Trust me, as someone who parttakes in poker and NOT in casino, I’ve been trying to get poker exclusive bonus’s for a long time. I would trade these useless to me casino bonuses for poker bonuses in a heartbeat.

Poker bonuses aren’t issued as frequently as casino bonuses generally. Playing poker you are obviously playing against other players, and taking their money should you win, whereas casino you are playing against Ignition, and taking money from the company rather than an individual if that makes sense. I would assume this has something to do with the reason that more casino bonuses are issued, although that’s my personal interpretation, and not fact!

5? i’ll be lucky to have 2… and freebies? what a joke . i’ve lost six figures and got crap compared to when i lost 10k last year. bonuses and freebies needs to calculated and broken down and not so random. because randomness never comes . Or it has to be asked for and when it is you guys make one to feel like a bum and then barely give them shit in comparison. I have been a dedicated played and have referred a ridiculous amount of people all to look like a dumb joke. your welcome.

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