Phone sms verify that never sends

well, after pissing off a chat rep at bovada. i back out of chat and after a decade of play they suddenly wanna verify phone. but whats this… sends nothing. just wants to keep me
unverified and unable tk withdraw or get any bonus, , guess what happened when i came to ignition… phone verify and … nothing being sent. i called my cell company guess what… nothing …


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with verifying the phone number. I’m going to look into this and send you a PM with more information.

I’m not receiving the SMS to verify my mobile, so I can’t do anything with my account. I help chatted with staff two days ago who verified it was the correct phone number, went over some possible troubleshooting, but said that they would get back to me when nothing worked. Anyone else have this problem?

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We’re going to take a look into this and PM you with details shortly.

Same problem here

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We’ve PM’ed you regarding this issue.

I haven’t received a code either.

been playing with ignition for more than 5 years and today I was asked to verify my phone number and the SMS will not send to any of the three numbers that I tried. ignition is looking into the issue but wanted to see if anyone else is having the same challenge. I’m being told that I will not be able to redeem my bonuses or withdraw unless I verify a phone number on the account

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. We’ve had success when people have tried the following:

Make sure that the latest software updates are present on the phone, and that there are no applications interfering or filtering incoming SMS messages.

Restart the device to force it to reconnect to the local base station.

Please check if ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ is marked in ‘Settings’ > ‘Messages’.
If this function is turned on the user will not receive a notification when an SMS is delivered on the handset. These unknown messages are filtered and moved into a separate Spam- / Blocked- / Archived- / Unknown- SMS Inbox.

Go to your SMS message app > tab the ‘menu’ button in the top right > go to ‘settings’ > If spam filter is turned on traffic is being blocked.
Go to phone ‘Settings’ > Apps > select the app you want to receive notification from. Make sure the ‘Get Notifications’ box is marked.
Go into settings and check if you have ‘Developer options’ enabled. Disable this function.

tried that with no luck. have no tried on three different phone numbers and have not received SMS to any of the three numbers

it’s extremely frustrating because I have $25 in reward points that I can’t redeem because of the phone verification issue

@Lsmcm368 I’ll send you a PM

Now I just got some popup about verifying my mobile #. Here is the problem IT DOES NOT WORK. The number is there and when you attempt to click “Send SMS” it does not do anything. Very frustrating if you are saying it is for security but then your own process does not work. Obviously this is not a new issue as it is 30 days after the first thread. Also my family tried their account as well with same popup to no avail.

@NoMoreLies I’m sorry if you were trouble getting the SMS. I can see that your number has since been validated.

just tried logging in & got message, for security reasons I need to verify with SMS to my phone (#listed correctly)…The SMS NEVER came…Is there a site problem also??? Thanks Mod for your answer

I also received the prompt but have not recieved the SMS message. I also am having a problem registering for SNGs, I can register for MTTs fine, but SNGs worked a little bit ago with an error, but now don’t seem to be working and the lobby seems to be having issues.

@jimhbaseball @Steven We’re looking into the SMS messaging now

Guys, if you go under “Deposit” and click say Deposit with card or whatever, it will say “This account is not verified in red” and give you a option to verify. If you click that one it does work and sends the SMS. I had the same issue and went to deposit and that button link works. Good luck.

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Hey @Matt, I need help verifying my number. Could you PM me then, I can’t directly message you, thanks!

@Ktchap I will send you a PM now