Player chat - why did Ignition get rid of it?

Bring back player chat boxes!


haha :grin::grin: the got the emoji’s and pre chat’s that’s good for me…


My guess is there was a combination of reasons. First off is that it probably makes cheating and colluding slightly more difficult. I’m also guessing that the chat was primarily used for insulting other players and general tilting… behavior that mainly causes casual players to leave as opposed to the regulars (not that Ignition wants any players to leave though). I personally enjoyed using the chat and I had a fair number of friendly and fun conversations on it, but this is a gaming site at its core, not a social one, so I don’t really see much incentive for ignition to bring back the chat especially if it causes any number of players to play less/leave unfortunately.


Usually I found the rec players were more likely to talk on the chat. IDK, I’d rather have it personally but I don’t have a say. There was some fairly bad chat in there from time to time to though so I get it.

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I’d like to have it back so I can yell at people like my idol Phil. If you call my 3 bet QQ with 37 and then win hitting your runner runner flush I want to rip you a new one beyond the sarcastic “wow!” when you shouldn’t have been there in the first place. You should be ashamed of yourself.


the anonymous chat is bad… :zipper_mouth_face::joy:

I absolutely love ignition/bovada do not get me wrong. i would never really complain about anything, but i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get real chat back


Please it is not as fun with out communication and could we add split offers

As it was very well addressed by @Swooty the decision to change the poker chat feature was a combination of things.

Over the years, we’ve noticed the chat system being used for negative causes such as being foul to other players, spamming or even colluding to the extent that some players no longer felt comfortable playing at our tables.

Removing the chat feature and adding preset phrases and emojis has helped in building a healthier and more welcoming community for our new players while also allowing our more experienced players to keep their focus on the game without any negative elements affecting them.

At the moment, we don’t have any plans in the pipeline to reintroduce the full chat function. However, we do appreciate your feedback on the matter, and if you have any other suggestions feel free to create a new topic on our Site Feedback category, so that we can discuss it.

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Every player has always had the option to turn chat off. It should be a preference option I mean we can show our cards or just 1 is that option going to be eliminated next?

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Ben, you make a good point regarding the option to show one card - as far as I can tell it’s no longer an option. Kinda annoying because this is obviously something that happens in live poker a lot

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Back when they had chat I remember a few players saying really over the top racist, offensive stuff and I can see some people getting really pissed with it. My guess is they got rid of chat so they didn’t have to monitor it.
The option to fold and show your hand at showdown is still available in settings under, “Enable Fold and Show”.


They are talking about being able to show one card and fold, which used to be an option before the update, now if you want to show your hand you have to show both cards.


I would much rather have the chat feature, report the idiots or just turn it off if I don’t want to see it. How many other poker sites don’t have this?


Probably a great idea for ignition to not have chat. They dont have to deal with all the complaints about bad behavior.

I for one want chat back, just so I can block it by choice. I think online poker tables should have a text chat option and not bare bone simple emoji’s. I mean I get a kick out of spamming one or 2 every once in a while when I suck out hard against someone! But who doesn’t, that’s a part of the game. But in the long run, I almost never use the chat on any other poker site I play at, I read it sometimes… that can be entertaining. But I agree it should be an option available for people who want to chat at an anonymous poker table with complete strangers over a game they are playing on their computer, phone, or tablet.


I played on this network when they had chat and players were saying a lot more obscene things than any other site I’ve played on and that’s probably due to players being anonymous and not having to worry about what they say be linked to a screen name that people can identify in the future. The crazy things people would say in chat didn’t bother me but I can definitely see it bothering some people because there’s plenty of times where people were saying very racist and derogatory things. The chat really could get pretty toxic at times and I do think it has to do with players being anonymous. When chat gets really toxic some people reported the players saying toxic things. For a poker site this is just an extra expense for them to have employees police chat and go back and look through chat logs and decide whether what somebody said is too over-the-top and should get penalized or whatever. The easiest and cheapest solution is to get rid of text based chat and just have emojis.


I’ve been threatened by people through the chat. Some people have told me to kill myself through the chat. Not necessarily in this site, but I can see why they would abolish it. However sometimes people can chat in a more respectful manner. So there’s people who would abuse the chat to insult, berate and wish you horrible things, and there’s people with whom you can have a respectful conversation or a few words with. I wouldn’t mind the chat being reinstated personally. The emoji thing feels too impersonal and robotic, and rigid. And too few options.

Agreed, the world has changed, some folks act like children. However, they have found a new way to retaliate, slowing down the game. I leave the table when it happens.
It would be great if the server would pick up and log when excessive time is being spent by a particular player.

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Please bring back the chat feature where players can actually chat with each other instead of just using a couple select phrases and emojis. Block swear words and ban chat of anyone abusing the chat feature if needed. But even alot of the recreational players like chatting with the other players.

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