Playing experience being ruined in the monster stacks and lucky 7s/8s

There are dozens of players that register in the final minute of these monster stacks and lucky 7s/8s tournaments that are ruining the playing experience for alot of players. Because these tournaments pay out 20+% of the field and late reg lasts for 2-3hours, you can register last minute and practically guarantee to get in the money. They’ll hop in at the last second and use their entire 30+90 second time banks and most of these guys cash the tournament! Look at this screenshot:

Look at those stacks! With these stack sizes at the current blind levels, most of these guys tank folded 2-3 hands, paid 2-3 antes and cashed! Ridiculous!!!

There is so much tanking going on that often times you only 2-3 hands per level near bubble time. Someone could play from the beginning of the tourney, battling for chips, build a decent 20-25bb stack and have it all disappear into an unplayable sub 10bb stack near the bubble because of all the short stacks tanking. Its miserable sitting there wanting to play poker while watching all this tanking going on that is completely screwing the structure into a huge crapshoot. And they’re being rewarded for doing so.

And with how slow the software shuffles players between tables and seats new players, sometimes these last minute registrants all get seated at the same table and can essentially collude, tank fold every hand to get ITM.

I think its a terrible idea to let people register with 2.5bb 20 spots away from the money, and I guarantee you there are tons of people who feel the same way but are to lazy to spent 20 minutes to draft a post like this, or even know where to go to voice their concern

Edit-- technically people register with 3bb, 15k stack at bb5000 in the monster stack and 77,777 at bb25000 for the lucky 7s, but since its at the last second of that level they’re basically registering at bb6000 or bb30000

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You’ve brought up some valid concerns, and I’m more than happy to take a look into them in more depth and circle back with feedback once I’ve got more information.

In the meantime, I want to let you know that part of the reason we’re here is to give players like yourself the opportunity and space to share your thoughts and concerns. If there’s a change you’d like to see, or feedback about recent updates - let us know! :slight_smile:

One thing you could do right off the bat is lower the % of field paid to 15% so people cant register last minute and be 2-3 tables away from ITM

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I played the lucky 7’s but never again because of everything original poster mentioned.


I agree with @pillows. Currently people can register last minute and tank fold every hand into the money. People are abusing it to cash without playing a hand while also ruining the experience for other players.

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They do this in every tourney on every site. near the bubble, everyone does the tank. I don’t, cause I never get close to the bubble (some nit wit takes my solid hand out). They can’t do much about it, they have already curbed time bank abuse, so this is what it is. If they had more rebuys and add ons, vs late registration, this would be better.

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Players tanking near the bubble is normal in tournaments. What is not normal is a tournament structure set up so that when registration closes the number of players left in the tournament is not much more than the number of players that will cash. This allows players to register last minute and use their full time bank every hand and then fold till they cash. This could be prevented by decreasing the percentage of the player field that gets paid out and or decreasing the amount of timebank each player gets.

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Hi all!

Just stopping by to let you know that we’ve instituted a new format change for all the ‘Crazy Eights’, ‘Lucky Sevens’, and ‘Sixty Six’ tournaments. Late registration will now be cut off at level 25 for these tournaments, and we are looking into other monster stacks as well.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received, and want you all to know that we are listening and considering all of your ideas. We will continue to monitor this late registration behavior, and hope this helps minimize the impact.


Hey Foster thanks for addressing this issue. Will you consider reducing the time to act to 15 or 20 seconds as well? With 30 seconds to act combined with the shorter blind levels in these games, it really kills the action late in these tournaments when so many short stacks are stalling for money jumps

Hey @pillows

I saw that you’ve also created a topic about this and since we arleady have a discussion going, I’ve gone ahead and moved it here.

As it was previously mentioned this is something we’ve put ‘On Hold’ for now so that we can gather more input and feedback from you guys as we are willing to revisit in the future.


If you experienced any issues with a recent tournament please PM the details and I’ll be happy to review it.

Another issue is that late reg in these mtts goes right until the money bubble and when 9 people late reg at the same time it puts them all at a new table together. so these people then tank 2 mins each every hand with 3-5bb and it really destroys the whole structure of the tournament. ACR had this issue and got rid of it

Hey @feldenhalle

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved your post here where we’ve addressed this issue so that everyone can easier track the discussion.

As mentioned above, a change was implemented where late registration now cuts off at level 25 but we’re continuously monitoring this behavior so please let us know if you have any additional feedback.

Hi Everyone!,

Just wanted to stop in to let you all know that we have made an update on the timebank/time to act situation in the thread titled ‘Shorten the timebank for MTT’s’ here.

We’re aware some people in this thread had mentioned this change as well, so please take a look at the new ‘Time to Act’ rules.