Please fix my account

@moderators per my previous post I am a premium bitcoin exclusive member and have been since May2020 I have not and never receive the 10% bitcoin cash back. I keep being told I don’t have it but here is my email confirmation of being a member as well as the screenshot of the perk for the membership. Obviously something is synced incorrectly and I’d appreciate reimbursement for the perk as well as you getting it his corrected asap

Same with me I’ve been part of the promotion since it came out and never received cash back. So I’m due a year or more of cash back it would seem going off your sites promotions!

We apologize for the misunderstanding. We have escalated this further to the appropriate Team. Once we have further updates, we will comment here.


You can go ahead and add me to this list of people who have not received ANY cash back from you guys. Will you please make the adjustments necessarty in order for this to be applied to my account? Thanks @moderators

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Me as well God only knows the hundreds or thousands I’m missing

Wow yeah Ive definitely never received cashback either. Has anyone received any notice on this?

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Hi @Jfern11, As from my end, this is the info I can see from your account. If you are seeing something else, please send a screenshot.

Same goes for you @Infantry74, you can check your Perks here

Same goes for you @jarredkhill07, you can check your Perks here.

That is what I see now. But I could have sworn that I saw it say i receive 10% cash back as well at some point, not sure when. But im curious what formula or requirements you guys use in determining which rewards one gets when they do opt in to the crypto exclusive program? Why is mine different from the other 2 people you included in your last post? And i would appreciate an answer other than “its at the discretion of the marketing/promotions team and can be changed or removed at any given time.” That response is over used and is just a way to place blame on another entity that NO ccustomers can contact directly. So please inform me of how these rewards are chosen for each and why are they different and not the same for all across the board?

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Different Perks are added to different accounts at the discretion of the Promotions Team. If something changes in the future, you will be notified accordingly via email or account message

How did i know I would get a response blaming the promotions team??? No surprise there. Even after I asked you to not place blame on this unreachable “promotions team”

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Nobody is blaming anybody, but they are the ones who set up account perks, so it is at their discretion.

@Jenny any update on my account. I went back to the email I received inviting me to the “premium bitcoin-exclusive membership” clicked the “learn more about this new program” and see the crypto cash back under the perks. I also have the email stating “your now premium bitcoin exclusive member”

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We will check for you with our Promotions Team

My guess is that we all have withdrawals that exceed more than our recent deposits. Just like the random casback that they offer weekly to other depositors that i havent received for awhile either.

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