Please fix Top-Up Glitch

It hasn’t happened to me in regular cash games, only in Zone. But it happens pretty regularly in Zone. At least two or three times within a couple of hours.


@mrdelivery on mobile play through the browser or on the downloaded poker software?

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On the downloaded poker software. It used to happen on my Mac, but now I play on a Windows, and it still happens.


Disclaimer: (The following RANT is NOT directed at the Mods here in the forum who do a wonderful job and are appreciated)
YES…everyone experiences this annoying glitch. Its been going on for a very long time and still has never been addressed. Even the big TWITCH & YOUTUBE high stakes streamers have publicly complained about this issue and the poker forums have threads dedicated to it…Time to either fire the current tech team or get them to fix something…unless of course they are still scratching their heads trying to figure out the cashback “technical issues” that had plagued Ignition/Bovada players for so long.
NOTICE: Rant Over…please carry on.

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I am now having issues with this when I try to top up at a regular cash table. I get a message that I am trying to add on for more than the maximum allowed, even when I intentionally undershoot it.

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Going to come here and post every time the top-up glitch happens to me until the powers that be fix this problem.

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Hey @mrdelivery,

Thank you for reporting this and apologies for the delayed update.

Our Technical support team was able to identify the cause of the error and is working on implementing a fix with the next update release.

We will put this ‘In Backlog’ for now and will let you know once there’s more information.

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Three times in the past two hours, just reporting in.

@mrdelivery just double checking we are talking about the top up glitch right?


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There was an update this morning that should have resolved the issue that had the ‘Buy Chips’ button freezing without the chips being added.

Thank you again for reporting this @mrdelivery - we’ll be moving the topic to ‘Site Feedback - Delived’ but if you still encounter the same issue, please let us know.

The problem still persists, at least in Zone, even after having installed the latest update to the poker client.

I’m sorry to hear that @mrdelivery, I will reach out via PM now to gather more details and investigate.

I’m still having the same problem with the add chips button. It grays out when I’m under 100bb and the only way to fix it is to close and relaunch the poker table.

i just ate a pickle…just saying…

i had that happen in the past not anymore

are you using phone, pc, mac?

Zone, PC

@moderators. this is still not delivered :pleading_face:

Please fix this


Hey everyone, I’m really sorry to see that the issue is still being encountered - we’ve moved this back to ‘Investigating’ while we take a closer look at it.

@mrdelivery we’ve already reached out via PM to gather some more details but if anyone else also experiences a similar issue where the ‘Buy Chips’ button would freeze without the chips being added, please reach out to us with a hand number or timestamp so that we can further investigate.

This issue was fixed with our update on June 3rd and we were unable to find and confirm this still happening. If you encounter an error similar to the above, please let us know here.

If you’re encountering a different error, please let us in on the details by creating a new topic or messaging us, and we will investigate the situation further.