Please help missing money

I deposited last night and my money is nowhere to be found

This is likely related to the website maintenance issues currently ongoing. We’re providing public updates HERE.

If still not resolved once the site is fixed, we can definitely look into this later.

Same issue

Can we clarify if these are issued yet?

So is the issues fixed ? I just wanna play my game

This is one of a few items that still needs to be addressed. Our payments teams are aware of the issue though and your funds should be credited shortly. There is no specific timeframe though I’m afraid.

Your cashapp will be permanently banned the next time they run a chain analysis sweep. Never deposit coins directly to casinos from centralized exchanges/apps, and never deposit casino-sourced coins directly into centralized exchanges/apps.

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I have the exactly the same issue. I sent email, no reply, i am not even able to chat with support. THERE HASN’T BEEN ANY UPDATES ABOUT THE ISSUE AT ALL. What’s the matter?

I just deposited 50 and it is not showing in my account using bitcoin cash

I did deposit bitcoin early this morning. Nothing, untill now. No words from them, nada. I enjoyed ignition casino, but well, I am disappointed at their follow-ups. All we need to see is keeping us posted…

Has your issue resolved yet? I am like kinda gave up on it. Just burnt a few dollars. Well, this may help me to stop gambling.

We’re sorry for the late reply. It seems like the deposits and withdrawals are in order now. If you have any issues, please feel free to send us a PM

I deposited last night when the site was down. I logged on today and it still hasn’t shown up anyway you can help me with this?

I will send you a PM shortly.

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I deposited bitcoin early yesterday morning. I haven’t had it credited yet!

@Shibal We will have a look and send the details to our deposits team

I will be escalating this matter if I don’t see credit on my account in an hour. And DO NOT CLOSE THISBPOST WITHOUT MT CONSENT OR ACTUAL RESOLUTION. WARNING.

I can assure you that we have not forgotten about you and that we are treating everyones deposit fairly.

Is my issue being cared right now? Is it supposed to take a day and half to resolve single bitcoin traansaction to be credited?