Please offer a two-factor authentication option

I’ve had accounts compromised in the past. It’s not fun. Having any important account of mine not protected with 2FA makes me nervous, especially when it’s an account which handles money.

Any type of 2FA would be much appreciated, but my preferred type is a software token that users can set up with apps like Authy and Google Authenticator. Another fairly solid option is SMS 2FA, and it’s pretty common for large sites to offer both of these types as options.


Hi @Jon_123,

This is a great idea and something that we’ll escalate internally for feedback. I’ve tagged the idea as ‘investigating’ as we do exactly that, and will provide an update as soon as possible.

I have multiple 2fa and igntition is doing very well just use a strong password and don’t share it… coinbase and other sites offers the 2fa but if im on a mobile browser without my phone is gonna get complicated…

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@EMELO_123, this is why it should be optional, but it should definitely still be an option! Remember some players have 5+ figures stored on their accounts!

Dammm!!! tell them to send some to my account ; I think the 2FA could be easily resolved by providing the login information and PIN so we don’t depend on authentication software when we don’t have our devices with us…

Hi @EMELO_123,

With all do respect, @Swooty mentioned that IF two factor authentication was added it could be optional, and in that case you wouldn’t have to opt in and wouldnt need to worry about having your other devices with you :slight_smile:

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