Please please provide a list of games running

Longtime grinder here, dating back to the Bodog days.

It’s very difficut to find which games are running, which is infuriating. I understand you having the anonymous tables, which is fine. I don’t love them, but I realize the reasons behind the decision.

However, with no list of running games, nobody knows where they’re going to find action, and many players are not interested in searching for it – especially casual ones.

You will not break the anonymous model if you have a list of games and the number of people at each table. And maybe a waiting list, too?

The number of running games will increase if you do this, and the entire anonymous scheme will be undisturbed.

Please consider it, or at least some form of it.


I would like to start off by welcoming you to our Forum and thanking you for sharing your ideas with us @DanDruff :slight_smile:

I have gone ahead and tagged this as ‘investigating’ as we’re doing just that, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an update.

Hey @DanDruff,

Thank you for submitting your feedback and ideas.

You raise some valid points but I would like to let you that it’s not something we are considering right now.

I am going to be moving this over to our dismissed sub-category.

If things change in the future though, we will let you know accordingly.

Before I sit down to play in cash games, I would like to see the number and types of games that are going before I decide to play. I suggest the seating software for Cash Games be changed to look and work similar to Zone.


Hey and welcome to the forum @Poker_Badger

I just wanted to let you know that I moved your post here as this is something we have already visited.

This isn’t something we’re considering right now but if things change we will let you know by updating this topic.

To: @DanDruff , also

Nash, I am fairly certain that making this type of change to the cash game seating would result in an increase in your cash game revenue. Is there a way to put these types of ideas to a vote among the community?

Also, by just responding “This isn’t something we’re considering right now”, without giving a reason why, is going to hurt the number of people who will take the time to interact with this forum. Maybe a better response to This isn’t something we’re considering right now, because (1) it costs to much to implement; (2) the software cannot be modified to do this; or, (3) ???

I totally agree on the need for this, especially at 2/5 full ring. Oftentimes I need to join/rejoin 10-15 times until I get a game that’s actually running.

I’ll open two or three tables simultaneously and get seated at different tables all with 2-3 people sitting out. I think if there was a list of games this would occur less frequently.

Also agree with the above point that this can be fixed without disturbing the anonymous table features

I completely understand where you’re coming from @Poker_Badger. We want to be as transparent as possible and gather as much feedback as we can from the forum.

This particular idea isn’t being considered right now because there are other items that are prioritized.

The last thing we’d want to do is give any misleading expectations but I can assure you that all the points raised here are escalated to stakeholders for review.

I have a software background, and I can tell you that this change would not be very difficult to implement. You will also see a direct revenue benefit from it. This will definitely grow your poker revenue and make games more active, as people will no longer get frustrated searching through empty tables in order to find a game.

It would be great if people could simply see how many games/players are running at each stake and game type. I’m sure that a lot of players want to play (especially during NFL/NBA season) but give up because they find an empty table when they attempt to sit.

Can you at least give us a reaction from management, regarding whether or not they think this is a good idea at all?

We understand if it can’t be implemented immediately.

Please make the cash game lobby public again, it is impossible to find a cash game. Esp since limit O8 and holdem 9max is back i’d like to get some games running

i would love a cash game lobby back again as well. iv been frustrated too many times trying to get into a table to the point of not playing.

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@DanDruff are you the same dandruff guy that plays high stakes limit holdem and posts a lot on 2plus2?

limit holdem must be so hard to get a game not knowing if a table is running or you just have to constantly remake tables to find out if a seat opens up.

it happens to me once in a while.

where i just have to open and close tables trying to find a full game.

nice to see so many people share the inconvenience with me
they will fix it for us anyway.

Yep, that would be me. Still playing online poker after all this time. I was one of the old guys online when I started almost 20 years ago!

I see they haven’t done anything with this request, but I’m just happy to have the hand history function working again.


Please bring back the lobby where you can see all the available tables so you know how many tables are running at each stake and can choose one. Instead of sitting down and waiting to be possibly seated at a random table. Sometimes it takes a long time to be seated at my table stakes or I never get seated at my chosen stake. This is especially bad for recreational players because they might quit their session if they don’t get seated right away and just assume no games are running. This may also help fix the bug where you sit down and sometimes have to post the blind right away, play 1 hand, then the next hand you’re forced sit out and wait for the blinds and post again when the blinds come to you.

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i agree 1000%

At the very least, there should be a list showing the number of available open seats and open tables at the stake and game we want to play even if we can’t choose the exact table and seat we want to sit in. This way rec players and others know there is a game available (or not available) and can wait accordingly. Especially for games that aren’t as popular such as limit holdem or heads up cash. Even if the lobby doesn’t show the actual tables.

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