Poker bug (sittingout-newtable-postblind)

while playing 6max cash tables i sat out on all tables on the next bb.

then i was sitting out then the table broke up and i was the last person left but i was sitting out.

and it moved me to a new table and auto posted blinds.

this has happened many times to me just first time i am posting it.

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We’ll take a look to see if this is following expecting behavior.

If you have any examples of hand numbers, feel free to send them over.

yeah sorry i dont have the hand numbers

i mean it is rare

but it should be really easy to reproduce

forced to post while sitting out

here is a pic…

still has not been fixed…

i started a table posted BB and sat out

the guy left and now i am at the table alone sitting out with the “I am back” button.
i get transferred to a new table and that is the pic i showed.

and yes it forced me to post the BB.

i stopped playing all my game to make this post.


Thanks for sending that over.

We’ll review further.

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thank you it seems to be fixed now


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @player1, our support team was able to identify and resolve the issue.

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it just happened again

i am waiting to see if it will post.

yes it posted.

(i am sure this doesnt matter but here is the hand number that i was sitting out on and then it posted: 3964911659)

@moderators request to move this post out of “delivered”

not sure if edits get noticed…

@moderators request to move this post out of “delivered”

i thought it was fixed because i sat at a table for a very long time but i was wrong it is not fixed.

@player1 Thank you for the screenshots and update. We’ll look into this further.

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