Poker Disconnection and Login Issues

We’ve received reports that some players have been disconnected, and have since been unable to log back into the client to re-join the tables. We’re currently investigating the issue and will provide updates here.

I have been unable to connect for over 30 minutes. What happens to the tournament I was in the middle of playing?

I wasn’t logged in, but when I load the lobby it’s all black with no option to even try to log in. I’m assuming my problem is related?

If everyone disconnected and it doesn’t resume shortly it will be canceled. Check the policy to determi5if you get refunded or paid out based on how far the tournament was

@Joe4_123 I’d recommend that you keep trying to re-connect. Once we know more about the issue, we can take a look into tournaments that were affected.

@jbaldus9 That’s similar to what’s been reported, keep an eye here for updates.

A fix has been released for this issue, and Poker activity should return to normal. If you were impacted financially, do reach out to us via PM and we can take a look into it.