Poker hand history time stamp data from the future?

Yo can someone explain to me why my poker hand history data shows the draw for the dealer button happening at 3:30 but the actual game and first hand happening at 3:02 ? Have the game start 28 minutes in the future from when the first hand is actualy delt seems way suss.

Heres a thought, what if the ingition casino software is pre determining the out comes of the jackpot sit n go games? What if, your not actualy playing against anyone else? What if, its just a pre-programed simulation? No keyboard chatting… “Anonymous” opponents…? What if ignition casino isnt facilitating a poker game between 3 acctual people, but instead is selling a “poker experience” to each individual. Controling the out comes of the hands as needed to creat the most likely experience to keep you playing and letting you win just enough to have hope…
Just a though…

“Table# 55520588”

Dealer Table enter user 03:30:47
Small Blind Draw for dealer 03:30:55
Big Blind [ME] Draw for dealer 03:30:55
Dealer Draw for dealer 03:30:55
Dealer Set dealer 03:02:11
Small Blind Small blind 03:02:11
Big Blind [ME] Big blind 03:02:11
Small Blind Card dealt to a spot 03:02:11
Big Blind [ME] Card dealt to a spot 03:02:11
Dealer Card dealt to a spot 03:02:11
Dealer Raises 03:02:14
Small Blind Call

“Table# 55520651”

Dealer Table enter user 03:10:57
Small Blind Draw for dealer 03:11:04
Big Blind [ME] Draw for dealer 03:11:04
Dealer Draw for dealer 03:11:04
Dealer Set dealer 02:48:55
Small Blind Small blind

As opposed to putting random game, can you please provide an actual reference number so we can look into this?

Were these cash games or tournaments?

If cash games, note that we do have table numbers and sessions on our end as well that you are joining later on. This is likely just tracking when the table was originally setup. You joined the table later and so your own statistics are showing when you joined, but it also shows what time the table and session started.

I have edited the post to include the table numbers. These were jack pot sit n go and no matter how you try to account for the time difference the entering the table and drawing for the button should never be happenimg 28 mim after the first hand is delt.

I do see what you’re stating and will escalate but ultimately I don’t see how this insinuates any cheating. The timeframe doesn’t make sense as like you stated it’s in the future and the tournament had already ended. You can clearly see that you did play and have the game cashout at the time listed in your transactions.

I would imagine as these tournaments are weeks old and in the hand manager that this is something related to when we actually have the data collected or when it was completed in our system.

Ultimately this stating that the dealer entered 28 minutes later wouldn’t really make sense, as obviously the tournament was already played and completed.

It in itself doesnt insinuate any cheating, but what it does is demonstrate that the possibilty for the system to captcher and publish innacurate or invalid data is not only possible but is actualy happening… and it maybe a just time stamp in this instance but when the integrity of some of the recorded data becomes questionable that calls into question the integrity of all the data produced by the system and the system itself, and when this system and the captchered/recorded data is the data referenced to and relied upon in determining and deciding weather someone is going to be credited for a disconection or not and every cs agent is citing this system and its data as either representing or not representing a “disconection from our end” then we can only come to but one conclusion, that eventualy the possibility will meet the oppertunity and… what can… will , and someone, if not already, will be cheated.

We have escalated this and hopefully the poker team will have a reasonable answer as to why this is the case. Though this may also just be a technical error with these tournaments or on the day.