Poker Quiz - $100 Bonus

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

From time to time we will be asking questions about Poker. Let’s all participate and make this fun!

All players who choose the correct answer, will get into a chance of winning a $100 Bonus. We will have a list of all the players who got the right answer and we will randomly draw one of the names, who will receive the price of $100.

Question: In your hand you hold AdAh. The flop comes 5h6d8s. You are in the hand with two other players. How many hands can your opponents have that would have you beat at this time?

  • Four
  • Five
  • Eight
  • Ten

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Glad we got it hahaha !

Based on the 3 cents in my balance I presume it was a lose for me lol

Draw 5 and give each 20 lol

I’ll chop it up 20 each

You won?…


Lol prob not

Thomper114 congratulations you are our $100 poker bonus giveaway winner!!

Yeah!!! I won !!! No I’m kidding , but it would be cool if I did … what’s up is it confidential who won or what ?

I actually counted more than 10 variables if you count the variations of suit pairs by their rank.

It’s holdem not draw

All suits are equal in holdem, I believe stating their suits was simply to inform us it was not going to be any one with a flush at that time of the flop

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I need money!!!

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Seriously tho… When will we find out who the winner is?

When Jenny wakes up lol

if I win me and Jenny will be like peas and carrots …

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Friday the thirteenth is not my lucky day , my best friend and soul mate (dog) died in my hands traumatically on a Friday the thirteenth

Jeez they really dragging this one out.