Poker Quiz Week 2 - $100 Prize

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

From time to time we will be asking questions about Poker. Let’s all participate and make this fun!

All players who choose the correct answer, will get into a chance of winning a $100 Bonus. We will have a list of all the players who got the right answer and we will randomly draw one of the names, who will receive the price of $100.

Question: What are the odds of being dealt a pocket pair of Aces in hold’em?

  • 73-to-1
  • 110-to-1
  • 220-to-1
  • 330-to-1

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how about every person that gets it right gets a bonus? :blush:


its only like 11 people who voted

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it would almost make more sense to give 10 people 10 dollars then 1 random 1 100 just sayin


13 now so a one in 13 chance of winning! Better odds than being dealt a pair of Aces.


More importantly , what are the odds i’m delt aces in a 3 bet pot and flop is 2,3,5 i bet he calls big turn is blank i jam all in and he has ace four! 100% are the odds this happens on ignition every time

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:crossed_fingers: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i feel like i won

nevermind lol

Our winner is @MikeyTommy


But he was wrong?

i know right lol how is this legit?

I mean seriously?
Congrats brother though.

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lol typical

Does this stuff usually happen?

not like that lol

it says they select from those who answer correct yet we can see he was the only one who didnt

are you foreal?

At the end of the day. Congrats brother. Thank you for your service.

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surely they will correct this or draw another winner